Quad shock???

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  1. I think that red GT looks great, even with the wheels sitting outward a little. He still has enough tire under the car that justifies a little bit of the wheel sticking out. See Hack Job has the 99-04 rear, so when I had +24mm offset 17X9's they sat out about 1 inch, but there wasn't enough under the car, so it looked stupid. His car looks great.

    Hack Job has a 99-04 rear, 3.73's, +45mm offset 17X9 Bullits, Goodyear F1's 285-40-R17, HPM Mega Bite Jr UCA's & LCA's, stock rear sway bar, and no quad shocks. I do not get any wheel hop on the street or the track.

    My 91 notch has a stock fox rear, ranger 5 lug axles, 3.73's, 17X8 97 Cobra wheels, Goodyear Eagle ZR 245-45-R17 tires, Pro-Form UCA & LCA's, no rear sway bar, no quad shocks. I get a little wheel hop if I hold it in one spot to do a burnout, but I don't get any wheel hop if I dump it and take off.

    Tires, suspension, and the car itself, matter. It's hit or miss.
  2. Thanks bro :nice:
  3. You're welcome.

    I saved some pics of your car on my old work computer...but then the damn thing crashed. I got a new one so I lost those and about 50 other badass Mustang pics. I'm slowly regathering them now.
  4. There is obvious logic behind this guys....I don't really understand why there is second guessing. Wait; no, half of the people on car forums are morons...nevermind.

    What do the quad shocks do? They control axial side to side movement, or a 'crab walking' motion if you will. What allows the rear end to move in such manner? Could it be the crappy control arms with rubber bushings?

    Ever grab a stock control arm when the rear is out and shake it side to side? THAT is why you have quad shocks. Replacing the LCA's with a solid poly bushing and a strong box design, forces the rear to only travel in an up and down motion. Is this force still there? Yes, but it not as prominent, and is now forgiving.

    Why the rubber bushings then? Because you have a solid axle, and when you turn, it twists. If you eliminate the twisting forces allowed by the rubber bushings, at a certain angle, the poly mounts will bind and you essentially 'bottom out' suspension travel.

    Ford left quad shocks on these cars to compensate for that rubber bushing allowing the cars to maximize full suspension travel. If you run stock bushings and LCA's, you better damn leave them on. Wheelhop is only emphasised by no quads with stock equipment. Good aftermarket shocks do wonders. Replace your garbage and you won't wheelhop...ever. For dragging, all poly and solid is fine, some road racers may disagree but there are ways around that too even.

    Stop f#cking guessing. If you don't know what's going on than STFU.
  5. Some people aren't morons, they are just a little less experienced in the car area. That is why they come on here to ask, so they can learn.
  6. I just can't stand it when people are all like 'NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!'

    'so and so says this and that' and it's all a bunch of lameass opinions and internet handmedown wrong knowlegde. You get 5 people saying yes, 5 saying no; and neither has a real answer as to why, and it gets pretty annoying. Like ricer 'IDK whats going on but it sounds cool' annoying.

    And sorry, I generally don't mean to be a dick....it just always strikes me wrong, since I have the stereotype in my head that once you get into a 'real' car, or away from what every 16yr old wants so to speak, I expect more education.....

    ^ Put the swaybar back on the rear and your wheelhop should stop. It'll tie the control arms firm, with zero bushing/tolerance give.

  7. I understand. Some people don't always log in here and read, and post. Others always tell them to "Do a search" but the search feature doesn't always help and IMO is dumb. If everybody used the search feature, then there would be no more point of forums, threads or Stanget itself. We are all here to help. I personally have answered in-depth, 10 or more "5-Lug conv" threads, just to help a guy out, abviously not because I am annoyed.