question about 1996 to 2002 engine swap


New Member
Apr 5, 2004
I have a 2002 4.6L to swap into to my 96GT. Since I haven't experienced this swap before, has anyone out there made a similar swap ?? Only thing I can think of that is different are the MAF. What about the computers? Anything else ??

Thanks for any advice.. I can't wait to get going on this.. Engine is new. unused. :D
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New Member
Nov 7, 2003
south texas
the swap is relatively straight can reuse your factory computer and wiring harness, and your mass air meter. the only thing i can think of that might be different is the timing cover, in which case you would need to find some way to mount the coil packs, or swap the timing cover so that you can mount them. also if the intake has an aluminum water crossover, then you would need to drill for the second water temp sensor(unnless it has already been done). i did a similar swap in my friends aod gt and everything fell into place quite nicely. we just had to swap the timing cover to mount the coil packs as mentioned above. good luck with the swap