Question about 8.8" IRS rear end....

Discussion in 'Other Auto Tech' started by DA-MAX, May 5, 2007.

  1. I found this pic of an IRS 8.8 rear end and was wondering if the flanges for the halfshafts(stubshafts?) I circled are a OEM Ford parts or do you think this is aftermarket??

    Ford Tbird 8.8 w/ halfshaft flanges(stubshafts?)

    I'm asking because I picked up an 8.8 IRS diff(pretty sure its a 28 spline) for dirt cheap from a 95 T-bird, but it doesn't have those halfshaft flanges on it, the halfshafts spline right into the diff housing/side gears. those flanges(in the first pic) are key since we are trying to adapt this Ford 8.8 rear end to work with IS300/Supra halfshafts which use a flange style "mating" to the diff and don't spline directly into the diff.

    stock IS300 diff w/IS300 shafts(the halfshafts are bolted to the diff through a flange)

    anyone have a clue?? :shrug:
  2. The standard 8.8" MN12 Rear Differential does not have the flanges you show in picture 1. The halfshaft slides directly into the differential and is held with a c-clip.



    Have you tried to look around for a stub shaft conversion similiar to what you have shown?
  3. the half shafts on all independent rear suspension 8.8's do not have a c clip like our solid axle cars, they have the machined groove for the c clip on the ends of the side gears but there is no c clip used. what they do have is a ring on the the halfshaft itself that when you push in the axle lands in a groove. This allows the axle to be removed without removing or opening the pumpkin.
  4. thanks for the looks like its going to have to be a toally custom job either getting custom flanged stub shafts to fit the supra shafts to the 8.8 diff or somehow getting the Tbird inner joints to fit the supra outer shafts(which might be easier). I'm also gonna ask around at a local driveshaft shop around my way and see what they have to say.