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Discussion in 'SN95 V6 Mustang Tech' started by Hondaboy, Dec 2, 2003.

  1. I didn't really know if this should be in tech or not. My question is just this just that if I drop my 98 2 inches will I only need the springs or is there anything else I would HAVE to replace? Thanks for the advice in advance. The reason I am going with the 2 inch is becouse I found the 2 inches cheaper then the 1.5. The 2 inch would run me 200. Good price?
  2. The most common drop for us is 1.5. Anything over that and you will need to eventually change out the shocks. But you will most definitely need some caster camber plates. its really a headache if you dont do it right and have it planned out. Check out the Ford C springs. theyre only a 100 bucks.

  3. This is right... My springs dropped me about 2" and I "needed" caster/camber plates to have enough adjustment for alignment and all that fun stuff. Without them, your tires wear really bad. However, there's a local shop that specializes is suspension so I talked to them and they made me custom camber plates. Plates were 40 bucks, plus alignment and labor to install it and everything came to like $100 bucks. Which was still a lot cheaper than just getting expensive ass c/c plates from Steeda or somewhere. From what the guy told me, the aftermarket plates don't give you a huge amount of flexibility in adjustment for the price they charge... they just kind of look pretty and give just enough adjustment room to do what you need to do.
  4. so with the 2 inch I could actualy end up going down to 2.5 inches?
  5. Do you really want to bottom out on every speed bump!? 2.5 come on honda boy!
  6. I try not to go over speed bumbs. I hate those things. They put them in the HS parking lot over Christmas break 3 years ago and never told anybody and painted them black. Didn't vote well with my car or me. :mad: :mad: :mad:
  7. If you buy springs that are supposed to give you a 2" inch drop, they probably won't settle much more than 2". You could always cut your springs to get a bigger drop. That's a bad idea though. Anyway, really you don't want to go lower than 2 inches. You get issues with ride, alignment, tire wear, tire rub, and a bunch of other headaches.
  8. So what your saying is 1.5" will give you less trouble, right? In the long run it's the best value.
  9. Yup, basically. 1.5 inches is enough to get rid of a good portion of the "rally car wheel gap" that the v6's come with.
  10. Go 2". The lower the better IMO. I drive a truck that tucks the wheels into the well and the front motor cradle is 2" off the ground at least 90miles a day :D
  11. 2 inches is far to much for a mustang, you scrap every where you go, you will need cc plats for that drop, 1.4 or more you may need cc plates over 1.5 expect to buy them.
  12. My car is dropped 2" and I don't really scrape much at all. I live in West Virginia/Pennsylvania. Lots of hills and curbs and fun stuff like that. You defintely have to be careful going over stuff though. You can't blast over speed bumps full speed or anything.