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Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by Drew01GT, Dec 5, 2003.

  1. Thinking of getting the meter and tru flow pipe for my car but had a few q's

    How hard to install?
    Does it make the engine run lean/rich?
    Already have a K &N filter with the stock system, can i just reuse it?
  2. The trueflow inlet pipe will more or less hook up to your stock system so yes you can use the K&N air filter with it. As for the C&L maf meter, it will only work if it is calibrated for your application. Otherwise, your car wont be running on the right fuel pressure and you may have complications.

    A larger MAF meter on a n/a Mustang that isnt seriously modified is a waste IMHO. Theres no point in doing it. The gains are very minimal for the amount of money you will be spending.
  3. Like he said...unless you do the plenum and throttle body.
  4. Lee doesn't carry a TruFlow application for my car, but the C&L MAF comes highly recommended from first-hand experience.

    (a) How hard to install?
    takes about 15-20 minutes.

    (b)Does it make the engine run lean/rich?
    in most instances I've heard about, it leans A/F ratios. It also tends to increase HP #'s on a dyno, to the tune of 13 RWHP in our particular case.

    (c) Already have a K &N filter with the stock system, can i just reuse it?
    the C&L comes with a conical (round) K&N filter. I haven't replaced it, so I can't really tell you exactly which part # it would be from K&N. It is NOT the flat rectangular filter, though.

    Hope that helps some.

  5. Good info. Thanks.