Question About Factory 2008 Jack

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  1. I decided to hang on to my 2008 Bullitt after all. There was nothing that would be better at this time.

    So knowing the inflation kit is no good, I picked up a dognut spare tire kit off Ebay. I did not, was suppose to, receive the instruction card so I have a question.

    What the heck is this threaded hood that is attached to the scissors jack for? I have not come up with a solution so far. (There is a fender washer keeping the hood from falling out inside the "U" channel)


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  2. I believe that is screwed into another part of the spare tire kit to keep everything secure

    Nick C.
  3. Looks like the hook that holds down the spare tire. You have to take it off the jack. uploadfromtaptalk1395441075689.jpg
    Or the one that holds down the jack.
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  4. Yeah I see it there to the right of the main (larger) hooked bolt that runs through the center of the spare.
    If I took it off the jack, how would it hold anything though?
    TY for the image I appreciate it, at least I know how to put all the parts into the trunk well.
  5. The one for the jack goes threw the jack and screws in the bottom of the trunk floor.
  6. Ok, so the small one on the right (the one I am inquiring about) is the one that holds the jack down to the car is what you are saying.
  7. That's right sparx.
  8. Ok thanks, tomorrow I swap out the compressor and put in the jack, tire , etc.
  9. Thanks to ALL posters for the help, got the jack tested, just to be sure I know where the jack points were, and the jack, spare tire, etc. mounted in the trunk where I hope it stays for as long as I own the Bullitt!

  10. Jacks for the 2008 Bullitt are available at any pawn shop. Then wrap it in a towel and its good to go.