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  1. I adjusted my global spark adder from 0 to 4. so technically this should be the same as having my dizzy set to 14* right? so if my base timing should be set to 14* this way then how come when i checked it with the timing light w/spout out it was still showing 10*?

  2. Spout out is a mech. setting the eec will add the 4. With the spout out the dizzy will still be at 10 since you did not turn it.

    Log the timing and load, you should see it there. Compare the log to your tables and you should see an added 4* at the load given.

    I never liked the global since you can just use the tables and get the WOT timing and still run stock timing at non wot (run cheap gas and not get into it N/a) as well as not running the chance of ping at mid load were timing will be in the high 40's low 50's with the dizzy turn or global.
  3. Ok, thanks for the information!

  4. Yup i got beat to it. Good answer blksn955.o
  5. Ok, I changed it in the tables instead of the global but when i tryed to data log it. I couldn't figure anything out. the spark advance was dancing around too much and even if i pulled the spout it would still dance around so much that i couldn't read it. also i did a full throttle blast and the load percent only went up to 76%. I think my data logs are screwed up some how.

    any suggestions would be appreciated
  6. Timing at idle will bounce around it is part of how the eec gets a stable idle. The biggie to watch or look for to see if your idle is way off is how much load you are seeing at idle. IIRC its like up to 20% load at idle but it may be 15%, it will bounce around though.

    In order to get contol of your timing you have to do alittle more than just change the timing in one table in the load ranges.

    There are 2 ways to gain this control of timing to get the timing you want to see.

    1. set the Boarderline, MBT, and Alt._base timing tables to all 55's and use the base timing table to make your changes

    2. Set the Boarderline, MBT table to all 55's and make the Alt._base and Base_timing tables the same in the top three rows or so were you will be in WOT.

    The way the eec works is that it takes the lowest timing out of the tables that it is going to use. This also includes sub tables (slave tables) in a group that is why you set the listed tables or the main tables in that system (they are called master tables) to all 55's as that is the highest number you can input or have. With the main or master tables set to the highest it takes them out of the possible equation as well as the sub or slave tables that would be taken into account in the factoring out of timing in the eec.

    With the timing table setup above you should be able to log timing and load and match it up to what the table is commanding.

    Tip- Say your going to run 4* more at WOT so instead of the 25 or so * of timing you will have 29-30* or so. Instead of the slow rate of advance in the stock table setup. Set the tables up that in the top two or three rows you have all your advance in at 2,000-2,500 rpm or so. So you will have 29-30* at 2,000 instead of 29-30 in at 4,000 or whatever the stock rate is.