Exhaust Question About Headers...?

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by Hatchback, Oct 31, 2013.

  1. Hey I was looking on CjPonyParts earlier and while looking at long tube headers for 5.0L foxbody mustangs I saw that some of them said in brackets (for automatic). I wasn't aware that there was a difference between 5 speed and auto cars when it comes to headers.. If someone could shed some light on this that would be awesome as I have found some long tube headers local for sale and they are out of a 5 speed car and mine is an automatic..

  2. Yeah the ones for automatics flare out a bit wider to clear the trans i have auto headers on my manual car
  3. Ye, the auto headers will alsi fir the manual car but not vice versa
  4. Yep. Doesn't matter for shorty headers but you need auto specific LT headers as the AOD is much wider than a T5. BBK makes a decent LT header- get ceramic coated if you can afford it.
  5. Thanks for the quick replies, looks like I'll be getting some auto headers then, which probably wouldn't be a bad idea anyways if I decide to swap to a 5 speed. Is there any way to tell apart automatic headers from 5 speed headers from just looking at them laying on the ground?

    I'll attatch a picture of the ones I'm looking at. They look rough but a nice blast and new coat of heat paint and they'll be fine. I'm just not sure if they are automatic or 5 speed headers, the seller doesn't know.

    Thanks in advance,