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  1. Does the '94 GT 5.0 use the OBDII computer or something else? I'm looking at buying a plug in module to monitor the computer but need to know if it uses the OBDII.

    If not, does anyone know of a similar set up that will monitor the computer?
  2. 94/95 V8 models use the OBDI system (also known as EEC-IV), whereas the 94/95 V6 models use the OBDII systems. All stangs from 96 and forward use OBDII.

    As far as monitoring the computer, what are you trying to accomplish? Do you want to know what each sensor is reading, and adjustments the computer is making? Because the twEECer R/T has a datalogging feature that will give you real-time readouts of everything the computer is doing.
  3. Thanks, I'll look into that.

    Yes, I'm just trying to see what the computer is doing. And if all the sensors are working, though I imagine it would throw a code if one wasn't.

    Don't neccasarily want to do any tuning. Just monitoring mainly.

  4. Some of the more expensive code readers (Auto Xray, Scantool) can do that with any of the Fords that have DCL capabilities. The 94-95 Mustangs, while not OBD I do have DCL built-in. It's not near as nice as OBD II, but it does work. The scanners are cheaper than a TwEECer RT and a SnEEC datalogger. You just need to look at athe specs of a scanner to see if it does DCL - you can often get them on Ebay pretty cheap.
  5. Why does my 01/95 built cobra have an OBDII connector... I know that it is not supposed to have one, but it has the same connector/location as my 2000????
  6. See Chris's post above. The 94-95's came with both OBD-I and II connectors. The V6's are OBD-II and use that connector, while GT's are OBD-I and use the underhood connector.
  7. OK JT!

    If I got it straight :shrug:

    We got OBD-1 and EEC IV :)

    Its all I can do to see the faintest light with those :bang:

    If either one of em was just 1 more, I'd never be able to grasp it :eek:

  8. Yep, they use a lot of the same wiring harnesses between GT's, V6's, coupes, convertibles (look under the center console on your coupe, you'll still see a harness for the convertible switch). Thus the GT has both plugs, even though it's OBDI only.

    :rlaugh: You're a riot! As if you would ever have trouble grasping something mustang related, lol.
  9. I could not have said it better myself. :hail2:

    A little birdie told me that Dr. Grady is working on an interface for his TwEECer and the flux capacitor he made in his shop.

    I heard he was going to post the DL's when he hits 89 mph. :D