question about porting stock stuff

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  1. im reading the threads about cfm flow and whatnot. so lemme see, the stock upper flows
    200cfm a runner
    stock bottom flows
    130cfm a runner
    stock heads flows
    160 cfm a port

    is this right? anyways, whats the max...likst if the stock flows 200, can u open up the lower to flow that much, then the heads to accept all that flow?

    maybe this week imma start my at home engine portfest, im gonna start with the lower intake port matched to upper, then im gonna gasket match the lower to some E7s, then open up the exhaust ports to meet up with some like 1 5/8 shorties. then some bigger valve, like 1.9/1.6?

    how does this sound? my goal with engine is to wake it up, but keep it pretty much stock. like other than porting and shorties, im gonna do k and n filter, and pulleys, and i think thats it.

    any suggestions?
  2. I think you'd be be better off spending that time in a junk yard looking for a GT40 upper and lower intake from a 5.0 explorer. Maybe you could even score some GT40 cylinder heads too. But thats just my .02
  3. I went from a stress cracked Edelbrock to a home ported stock intake and gained power. :D
  4. i saw that the stock lower flows alot less than everthing else and was wondering how much it flows after porting too. I know Tmoss ports out the stock lowers and was wondering how much flow he can get out of them. I forget how much thumper e7's flow.... anyone?

    I like the stock look and have heard there are some difficulties when swithing to the explorer intake.
  5. Ported stock lower: That is what the TMOSS intake is. Many people have gotten his intake and everyone seems to be really happy with it. His is professionally done. he welds the doglegs and really does a portjob on them. He only charges $100 plus shipping. Sometimes I wish I saved $400 and got his instead of my Edelbrock. Not that the Edelbrock doesn't kick A, but I would have headers and a midpipe by now, which would have probally made up for the difference.

    Ported stock heads: That is the Thumper heads. They are completly rebuilt and a 5 angle valve job. I got double valve springs. I have those, love them. Also a very professional job. They flow better than GT40's stock, but if you can find some cheap GT40's, go for it. You can get them for $595 with standard springs, including shipping.

    I've talked to many people who have done their own porting, and had some serous gains, but having it profesionally done is worth it because porting is alot of work.

    The TMOSS/Thumper combo seems to have 100% satisfaction.
  6. i'm supercharging, so will porting the stock lower intake give as much gains as an aftermarket high flow intake
  7. Here is what ported stock parts did for my car..tmoss lower, thumper heads

    3750# race weight
    15.12 90 =
    Peak Horsepower: 214
    Average Horsepower: 213

    3750# race weight
    13.93 @ 99 =
    Peak Horsepower: 274
    Average Horsepower: 283
  8. Not likely..........
  9. If you are going to keep the stock look, TMOSS/Thumper are the only way to go. You would have to educate yourself before doing a port job RIGHT. And after you know how, you will need the right tools, then the hours and hours to do it.

    For the price you cannot beat having these guys do the work for you. Don't quote me, but I believe Thumper has several stages of work he can do to the stock heads, for more $$$ of course.
  10. Be real careful porting heads - you can go too far and break into the water coolant passages. Head porting is best left to the pros, but if you want to try it do your homework on how to port the E7 heads. "Mouse" has a porting web page that I didn't save - anyone help out here?

    If you want to try your hand at porting the lower intake, I have a basic porting guide at:

    A simple gasket match will give some gains but the real power is in the re-shaping of the runner walls at the turn transitions. Match the lower intake runner opening to the head opening.

    pjones - you want to match the flow charataristics of the heads and intake for a blower just like without one.
  11. agreed tmoss..
  12. cant half ass a supercharger project. Just save up and buy some afr's and reap the benefits once you bolt them on. And with porting, becareful as a stanger about 4 months ago ported through he heads i think. he fixed it but still taht sux.