Question about Torq Thrust II's

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  1. Here's what I found on tire rack

    American Racing Vintage Torq-Thrust II Polished

    It's supposed to fit a 94 mustang gt, but it has some type of lug nut converter. Anyone know anything about it? Let me know the good, bad & ugly

    BTW I like the look of these alot better than ford racing or any newer 5 spoke bullitt design

    Here's what it should look like:

  2. I have those rims in 17x9.5 in front and 17x11 in rear I did not convert my lugs over. I did loose a chorne lug but put on one of my stock lugs until I found a replacement.

    I got mine used at a GREAT price with tires...stupid good deal. That said I wish they were 18's. I think 18's clear cobra brakes without a spacer in front. The TTII is like the only 17in rim that will not clear cobra style front brakes. You can run a spacer in front to clear but mine being 9.5 they come outside the fender a tad now...I am going to step down to 255-265's, in front from 275's and see if I gain some room that way.

    I am not too sure what a "lug nut converter" is?
  3. Can't help you on the SN95 application (wait, guess I could, by pulling the ones of my 67 and throwing them on the 95, which I've been thinking about trying, just to see how it would look--now see what you've done:shrug:)

    I think my backspacing will be all wrong, but if you don't get any other help, PM me and I'll give it a shot--let me know what backspacing you're looking at buying first, though, to make sure it'll even be a useful comparison.

    What I started to post, before you got my wheels turning, was :nice::nice::nice:

    I like the look! Definitely stands out, and different from the crowd. Have you considered the new Cragar SS? Not sure how old you are, but it was the hot-rodder standard back in the day. Very cool, another option.
  4. Not really, not a big fan of the new cragar s/s i like the old design with the lips and the spokes set in the rim a little ways, the new ones are to "generic" they don't have a distinguished look to for age I will be 21 in a week....I've always liked the older styles and trends, too many body kits and plastic these days. I like a smooth vehicle with chrome, nothing too extravagant.

    The specs of the rims on tire rack are
    Offset: 25mm
    Backspacing: 5.47"
    Bolt Pattern: 5-114
    Rec. Tire Size: 255/45-17
  5. as for the lug nut adapter, I think it is a spacer that you thread on to the lugs....not sure though
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  6. I think the lug adapter is a type of key or a thinwall socket, because they say you only need one. That pic looks to be of lugnuts & lugbolts, the bolts are used on alot of foreign cars.
  7. I wonder if they are talking about the center cap that needs a hex key/socket to remove the screws.

    You have to remove the center caps to get the correct angle on the lugs with a socket. This could be the "thin" wall socket posted above to remove the lugs without removing the center caps.

    I took off my rims, flipped my quad (when I still ran them) for the 11in wide rear rim, put them on, and used the lugs I had. I used nothing special at all.
  8. where did you get your rims? tirerack only has the 8" wide.
  9. I got mine from someone used at a price I could not pass up....$800 with tires...:jaw:

    I found the sizes on summits website. I know for a fact they have the 17x11 not sure on the 9-9.5 rim. but they should have it as well.
  10. Well, I did it! When I finished my spring swap, I went ahead and threw my TTIIs from my 67 on, just to see how close they were to fitting. They FIT!

    Now, I need opinions--keep them or go back to my Cobras?

  11. They look great. I'd say leave them, but what are you gonna put on the '67 now?
  12. I've got some time to figure that out, but I've always wanted Cragar SS's. :D This was a compromise--found a bargain on C-list (is anyone beginning to see a pattern here?). Short term I think I can throw the Cobra rims on it. It's a long way from driveable, so the wheels/tires are mainly to hold it off the ground when I need to use my jackstands for something.:rlaugh:

    A lot depends on whether I change colors or not. Been thinking about switching to a matching yellow--have two yellow verts!
  13. Yea they look great, need to get the front end picked up a little bit though....
  14. I was thinking about leaving it like that, putting chains on the back tires, and using it to plow my driveway this winter!:D

    See my Too Low post in tech.
  15. I also have 17x9.5 / 17x11, but mine are chrome. See my sig link for pics on my 94 Gt and 95 Cobra.

    The 9.5's DO NOT fit over Cobra brakes, and I put on a tiny spacer for them to clear. They stick out a little regardless.

    They are awesome looking wheels, but the polished lip is a PITA, I can only imagine what a pain it would be for the fully polished version.

    They are def night light also, and the lip is very soft, so they are easy to bend/dent.
  16. How did they fit on the gt..any clearance issues? Was there any probs having such a wide front tire?? Curious, how much did you lower the gt?
  17. My rims are the same as Joes'GT but polished not chrome, as stated above in a earlier post. Mine fit 100% fine with no changes needed up front on both the stock gt brakes and the 99+ gt/v6 front brakes I now run.
  18. sorry for asking so many questions....but what offset fits ?