Question abuot Adjustable Fuell Press. Regulator

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by BrianV, Dec 3, 2003.

  1. Does it install in the same place that the stock one goes? I am about to replace the stock one in an effort to track down this cutting out problem and figgured I'd get an adjustable if it swaps in with the stock one. Thanks!

    Oh, and if so, which one do you reccomend and where to buy it?
  2. I think you can disregard the question, I think I found the answer, that it does replace the stock one and I need a gauge, looks like aeromotive has a piece that fits on the stock lines, so I may go that route.
  3. Yup, just get one that's designed to direct replace the stocker, and its pretty easy to put in. Buy a handheld guage for about $20, use it and then take it back...
  4. Just dont go with the BBK one - total piece of junk. Aeromotive is the way to go like you mentionesd

  5. Just make sure you get both gaskets off the old regulator...I lost one that I didn't know was supposed to be transferred to the new one and I was spraying gas everywhere until I realized I needed a gasket on the return port on the regulator...

    BTW, I'm going to be selling a brand new Aeromotive AFPR if you are was on the car once and I took it right back off...comes with a gauge and the proper fitting for the gauge to be mounted to the fuel rail on the schrader valve...PM me if interested...
  6. FYI...My brother was just informed his Aeromotive failed because the diaphragms aren't compatable with new gas (something changed in gas within the last year?). They're aware of the problem but they offered no support as his was over a year old. Took a long weekend to track down the rich condition from it failing.

    BBK does suck, especially support and part numbers (I had to email and call them several times regarding 1998 2V not being replaceable but listed as a part number).

    I'm thinking Kirban for my next one.
  7. Where'd he hear that from? Could you elborate more? The aeromotive was highly recommended to me by my mechanic

  8. I don't have all the details, PM him...Trick95 on Stangnet. They made an updated diaphragm with the better material, but they were only providing those for newer units and they were charging for them.

    Not to say the body is a bad unit, just thought the support was crappy.