Question for ALL of you, if you had no money worries what would you build????

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  1. I'm starting a new job next week and I'll be pulling in a nice amount of dough (for a 19 year old at least) at least 850 a week or so. Problem is I don't know what to do lol I have a h/c/i setup now and it's slow to me now. I always wanted to turbo my car but I hear so many problems with the tuning with the different weather conditions etc....I'm thinking about building up a built all forged 347 all motor, but then depending say I use a stock block im afraid of that cracking, but then even if i turbo that could happen too, so that makes me want to go 351W (for the increased cubes and stronger block). Im so confused :scratch: but when I think about it I want to turbo my car, I always loved the sound of a turbo spool and mixed with V8 muscle :drool: BUT I need some experience who has done this and if you regret it or love it. any Tuning problems like I've heard? I would be looking into using a Tweecer R/T for it. Back to the title of the thread if you were me what would you do? Turbo or all motor if you had no money worries? Make this thread grow :SNSign:
  2. Maybe I would buy a cammer. Then see what I could add-on to that. But realistically, if you are pulling in that much dough you could buy a good strong block if you are worried about it blowing up. And then build a 347.
  3. Build a turbo 351 or 408 stroker :nice:
  4. 408 TT with a c4.
  5. Dart 364 with a PT76-GTS

    Oh wait

  6. 3 turbo, 1 n/a.....keep em coming anybody got experience with turbo tho, reliable?

  7. :nice: :nice: :nice:
  8. 347 built on the new boss block sitting in front of a t56 trans. All n/a, but built strong enough to take a supercharger if i wanted one later. :D

    That, or swap in a terminator motor if I really wanted to go crazy.
  9. I like the cammer........but vote for a turbo.
  10. well turbo's are fun but not the most reliable, especially on a 2.3 with 25psi all the time, just make sure its tuned right and youll be good!!
  11. thats why you run a v8 with lower boost. at 8 psi my car felt like a damn freight train, and since it was an HCI setup to begin with it has nice torque down below 2500 rpm till i hit full boost

    i would do a turbo setup in another car in a heartbeat if i could afford it. slap that on a nice dart 331 and you would have a hell of a street machine
  12. Personally? I would build a bullet proof bottom end, stock cam, Worked GT-40 heads with a GT-40 intake and a Hellion Turbo. I would retain a stock idle, good gas mileage, with 750HP under my right foot while retaining my AC!! Im gettin a chubby just thinking about it! :D
  13. 347 stroker with a dart block... single or twin turbo setup...

    viper 6spd trans
  14. 600ci big block with A460 heads and intake... then after I get used to the power, add a couple of turbos and standalone EFI... can't wait to get done with school, then its on!

  15. :stupid:

  16. what numbers did you get? I'm building a Dart/SVO based aluminum block 427 TT for my '88 notchback....
  17. build up your trans and rear.

    If cashflow stops for some reason your stuck with 450rwhp on a stock drivetrain. What happens when the trans or rear lets loose and you have no cash?
  18. sounds so easy. tuning is a **** lol
  19. Dart 331 TFS -r or afr 205's custom cam and a hp performance turbo, oh yeah viper spec and now all I have to do is find another fox for all this imagination to go in