Question for ALL of you, if you had no money worries what would you build????

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  1. im gonna be unique here.

    take a fox apart. get chassis cleaned up and sandblasted. fully built suspension. 4 wheel discs, 5 lug, nice wheels, clean body up paint all black. black interior. no sunroof, (this is a hatchback) build nice simple all motor 331, strong tranny. maybe supercharger.

    i like simplicity.
  2. I agree, providing you have:

    1) A reliable 2nd vehicle to drive while spending probably a year or more doing a frame-up on the 'stang

    2) A reliable, steady stream of money.

    3) Time and Garage/Shop to do the work in

    4) Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities to do the work yourself.

    5) The passion necessary to take on a long-term Mustang project.

    Otherwise, Maybe a 347 w/ a KB Blowzilla? Just an idea.
  3. yeah my little plans are the ultimate test of devotion. you would need a garage and second vehicle though. imagine how nice a frame off restomoded fox would be. having the undercarriage be as clean as a 07 mustang's. mmmmm
  4. I'd start with a tall deck Manowar 302, and stroke it out to the max, cam it and build it for all motor max RPM so i can make an easy 500hp all motor, and then i'd spray it on top of that :D (that way it's not retarded power 24/7 like turbo would be lol).

    Then i'd call Griggs Racing and have them throw their whole catalog at it. I'd have Tranzilla T56 built up and installed with a built to hell and back IRS in the back.

    And THEN i'd think about painting it :lol:
  5. LMFAO

    I'd say a simple 408 EFI stroker with maybe a plate kit... mmmmmm
  6. I'd say screw the car, save up as much money as you can and start investing in real estate. If your expenses are low it's the perfect time to do things like that.

    Hell 850/week ($44k/year) isn't even all that much by today's standards.
  7. 44k a year isn't bad around here, but yeah, 30k here is like 49k in Queens, NY if I remember correctly from the comparison I did a while ago.

    Either way, I was going to mention something about investing, but figured it wouldn't be taken seriously anyway. I'd definitely invest at least 10% (experts say 18% is almost necessary), but play w/ some and have some fun too. Realize though that you won't get much of it back if you sell the car later unless you find the right buyer.
  8. Build a house and live on your own..
  9. If he's bringing home $850/week, he's probably grossing around $52,000 a year. So he could probably afford a $130k mortgage or so (generally gross annual income x 2.5 is a rough estimate of a total mortgage amount you get).

    If he's actually grossing $850 a week, then he'll prob. bring home around $680 or so (I'm using 20% for taxes, insurance, etc). Grossing $850/week is around $44,000 a year like 5L5 said, so that would be more like $110,000 mortgage.

    Either way, that kinda money probably wouldn't be enough to buy (much less build) a house in New Jersey, but I could be wrong.
  10. all aluminum 427TT with a stock t-5 and 7.5 inch rear on slicks. Just to see if i could blow the tranny and rear at the same time.

    then id put a 6spd behind it and 9 inch rear.
  11. why not do both? Thats what I'm doing :D

    someone making 44K could potentially afford a 250K mortgage with good credit. Thats assuming they can "confortably" do 50% income into a mortgage which the payment would be about $1800 total including taxes and insurance.

    As far as investing someone who currently owns a home with equity can potentially invest into real etate without having to change their monthly cashflow or get another job, you just have to know how to do it.
  12. whoa whoa, im no where near wanting or even looking into getting a house lol An Apartment yes I would like, I lived on my own for a year n 2 months in an apartment and loved having my own place but just not ready for a house yet. Say $850 give or take 100 bucks (I didnt include the Saturdays Ill prob work also) it might, might not be much, but for a 19 year old?? (im just STARTING at $16.50/hr too, time n a half after 40 hours, benefits, etc., if I work good the wage will go up) I think thats up there, especially when you see most kids my age working at like Shoprite or something. First I would be getting a trans, im on my 2nd t-5 and this one is getting there. I'm also very good with my money, normally spend 1/4 of my paycheck on my essentials and hold onto the rest, save it up in case I ever need it for something. I will have a 2nd car once I get to the stage I cant use it as a d/d anymore. I do not have a garage but I'm used to working on it in ****ty weather already. I have the knowledge to do about everything I need to do, besides tuning which I'll start reading up on one of these days, n plus a place Tune Times just opened up 5 minutes away from me, they can burn me a chip with a high and low setting (controlled by a toggle switch they put in for you) for 400 bucks if I need to. I'll join the turbomustangs forum soon, research more see if its what I really want to do. keep this thread alive, keep posting ur opinions
  13. Idealistically, I'd put half into toy money, and half into savings.

    Then I'd build myself the baddest mother of all motors money could buy. :)

    Sure it'd take twice as long to build, but at least then i wouldn't be piss poor when I was done with it.
  14. nice grover....Cant wait to see pics
    :nice: :nice: :nice: :nice: :nice: :nice:
  15. I'm sure I'll get all kinds of crap for this, but I don't care. GMPP LSX block, capable of 500ci and 2500hp in a small block package. Bomb proof rotating assembly and valvetrain. 14:1 compression, some massive heads, a retarded cam, carbed, and spin it to 9k rpm. Then, add a few hundred hp worth of nitrous for the hell of it. Jerico 5 spd, 9" with a spool and 40 splines.
  16. Dart 427 F1-R AFR 225,ED Curtis custom, viper 6-speed. After this summer this will be my combo but with a blow thru and a nice powerglide..:nice: