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  1. I am considering swapping my AOD to T5 but was wondering why a lot of people do it. What are the reasons and some pros and cons. I think my AOD or torque converter is going out. I appreciate all help/info people can give me.
  2. Why do you think your converter is bad
    what are the symptoms you are experiencing
    Have you checked the fluid level and color
    Have you checked the TV cable

    Regarding AOD to T5 swap
    most people enjoy shifting gears
    stick cars have less parasitic loss in the drivetain- they make more hp than an AOD all things being equal
    You lose the heavy AOD, TV cable, torque converter
    resale- most people want a stick v AOD car
    your wife/girlfriend can't drive it
    easier to do burnouts

    cost- expect to spend anywhere from $1000 to $4000 to convert depending on what trans, clutch, etc you go with and if you do it yourself or have someone do it.
    parts- you have to source a manual pedal, trans, clutch, belllhousing, cable, quadrant and other parts
    time- it is not an easy job, You need to take apart most of the interior, exhaust, driveshaft, remove the old pedals, remove the steering wheel assembly, transmission, etc... if you need the car as a daily driver you are out of luck on this job as it will take a few days
    Sticks are harder on the drivetrain than AOD's - especially stock rear axles

    LMR did a good series of videos recently on the entire process. It will give you an idea of what you are in for.

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  3. In the past the AOD transmissions were weak slush boxes. Rebuild parts have come a long way in the last 15 years. There's really no reason to change it out unless you want more control and cramps in your left leg.

    For the cost and labor to swap a car correctly you could have a bad ass AOD.

    Its not the cheapest way out.

    A performance transmission shop could build that trans to handle way more than a t5.
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  4. Because real men use 3 pedals :D
  5. This might make you feel younger to think about but....

    It's been 34 years. :whine:
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  6. To me, it makes the car more enjoyable, and more fun to drive. Nothing like rowing the gears in a stout foxbody.....
  7. I swapped my car from AOD to T5. For me it was all about making the car more fun to drive, and swapping it to a stick sure did accomplish that.

    There's also the stigma of driving a mustang with an automatic. Back in the 80's and 90's you simply were made fun of. That's gone away with the drastic improvement in auto technology. The new Mustang GT with the 10-spd auto is rumored to be faster than the 6-spd version. Just can't outshift a modern auto these days.

    After driving around an auto commuter car all week, it's just fun to rip gears on the weekend
  8. Mr. Sherwood went back to bookface. o_O
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  9. The fox mustang comes from an era where the manual transmission just plain old performed better.
    It wasn't just a little bit, sometimes 1 full second or more in the quarter mile. You could have two identical cars, one auto and one manual and literally, they would feel nothing alike.
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  10. I like manual transmissions better.

    It's honestly easier to sell it an get a 5 speed car though.

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  11. Sure, automatics are getting better and have or will exceed the performance of a stick, but many of us remember the days when the truest performance cars were stick shift. Technology is taking away the need to shift gears but I still like driving a manual car. I like to shift up and I like blipping the throttle on downshifts. Sure I'll lose to some automatic srt-something.
  12. Hey, how many years do you plan on keeping the car ? and, how old are you now ? If you're still a kid, or don't plan keeping it long, a stick shift (manual) is Goooood. I've had my 1969 / 390 / 4 speed convertible since 1987, in 1992, after so much agony with a bad knee, I replaced the 4 speed with a C6. In1997, had to have my left knee replaced (bionic). My left knee is still fine, and my orig. four speed and parts are still under a shelf but, now, I'm old and don't want a manual shift and, is too much work to change it back. Next young owner can do that if it's wanted. I also have a Saleen with 5 speed, it has 12,9XX orig mi. It just sits covered in my shop, If it had an AOD, I'd drive it daily. Just saying.
  13. I am now kicking around with putting a build C4 competition in it since I am hearing the AOD are not that good. I think the C4 will hold up along since it will be built to hold 750 HP which I do not think I will reach with the current motor or if I build on down the road. What input can everyone give me.
  14. Contact Dan at Silverfox. Not sure why you would want to lose overdrive unless it is a drag only car..
  15. I wouldn't even mess around with a c4 or AOD these days.

    just do a 4r70w swap and have the trans built up. You can either source a 3.8 trans and rebuilt it, or swap the guts into an AOD.

    But better gear ratio and you keep your overdrive.
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  16. I'm with mustang5L5....4r70w gut swap. Could always put a ratchet shifter on it...and row the gears ( to a certain extent ).
  17. I am eventually looking at maybe putting a 351 in it and just want a trans that will be good and last me. I plan on ever now and then getting on her pretty good. Just looking to take her out and have some fun.
  18. This would be going in an 86 5.0 and is a 4r70w for a 98 and newer vehicles.
  19. The 3.8l shares the same bolt pattern as the 5.0, so you at looking for a 3.8l trans. I think after 2003 they went elevtronis speedo.

    Your have to give the donor trans a performance rebuild. Stall converter, extra clutches, shift kit, cooler. Will take big power.

    Another option is to have someone rebuild and AOD with the 4r70w guts.

    If you are serious about building up an automatic, this is the better option. I've seen built 4r70ws stuck behind 600-700hp drag terminator Cobras and hold up to launching on slicks.
  20. What other parts will I need to put an 4r70ws in the 86 mustang.