Digital Tuning Question for you folks at Steeda

Discussion in '2010 - 2014 Specific Tech' started by Christopher Scharnhorst, Feb 7, 2013.

  1. I want to upgrade my intake on my '13 Mustang RTR, it's running a Ford Racing Tune (Part code M-9603-MGTB on Ford Racing's website.) and has a K&N drop in filter currently installed, and an Magnaflow axleback exhaust. I like the tune, it's nice and torquey, and Ford claims the tune will put you around 445 bhp/450 ft lbs of tq, but I want to increase what I'm making.

    So my question is, given that I now have a map of this tune already, can you build off of it if I get the Steeda high flow intake and increase my numbers? If so - would the tune cost the full 300 some odd dollars still, and, what other information would you need to get the tune as efficient as possible? (Tire size/Differential ratio etc).

    I've been a past customer of Steeda, the parts are awesome, hoping you can help me out.


    There's a link to the tune applied to my ECU.
  2. Chris,

    If your Ford dealer installed the RTR tune and did the paperwork properly then your warranty still applies. Before you switch to the Steeda tune, contact Steeda (phone them) and see what they say about the Ford warranty. I suspect that Ford will deny a warranty claim if an aftermarket tune is installed that is not 'approved' by Ford.

    Not trying to rain on your parade but be careful about your warranty.

    Off-topic: how do you like that RTR Magnaflow exhaust? Mine has the GT500's and the tone and volume is excellent (imho). Thanks.


  3. I love my exhaust, it's quiet but still aggressive at idle and it's nice and throaty when I get up on it. What number plate is yours?

    And yeah as far as the warranty is concerned I thought about that, which is why I got Ford to send me the map of the old tune and the tuner with it. I just want to see if Steeda can build off of that map and make it better. If I ever have to take in the vehicle, I'd just reflash the ECU with that Ford tune and bam I'm safe.
  4. Chris,

    I have #59.

    Just washed it today and it is looking quite spectacular, if I do say so. :D

    Thanks for the comments about the RTR exhaust. I like the GT500's but I'd like something a little deeper and more aggressive but far away from being obnoxious.

  5. The Ford scan tool can tell if the ECU has been flashed before...even if you change it back.

    Correct me if I'm wrong...this is what I've been reading on various Mustang forums
  6. Dan,

    Yes, the computer(s) in the late model Mustangs remember a lot of stuff despite being flashed.

    The OP was asking if he could add a Steeda CAI to the Ford ProCal tune (from FRPP) but FRPP does not have an 'adder' in terms of a value file for the Steeda CAI. So, the stock air intake has to go back onto his car if he wants the ProCal.

    Having said that, Steeda works with Ford. I don't know if Ford would deny a warranty claim if they found a Steeda tune had been loaded. Maybe have to leave that up to the lawyers, lol.