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  1. I can partly understand this and in fact since I'm married with a 2 year old son :nice: Heck it was my wife that told me to start working on the SVO since I have a ton of crap stack up for my cars in the garage. The stuff for the LX with proubly set there until next year since the SVO probly want get done until school starts. Then to top all of that off me and a friend is starting a business that I hope to have running by the end of the year :nice:
  2. Well I was planning originally to start fresh with an 05 GT :D
    And in the meantime just learn the car basics, but then Dr. Elusive mentioned this board to me, and then got to thinking . . . and well now I really can't decide which would be the better investment
  3. As has been said before the very simplest modification you can do to your car that will see some gain in power is to replace the air intake. This is not for cold air induction purposes, as the stock setup is already a CAI. (Air is drawn from ahead of the radiator on the 2.3 and from the fenderwell on the 5.0) Rather, you want something that is less restrictive to air trying to get to the motor. The problems with the factory intake is that the air opening is very small, the air passes through a POS box that has some environmentalist deal that can blend in HOT air (not good), and there is an intake muffler (black retarded thing that says Ford on top).

    If you want to do this. First get on ebay and/or stangnet classifieds and find a stock 5.0 Mustang airbox that someone is trying to sell. (The box that takes in air and houses the filter) Pay about 10-15 plus shipping. Go to an autoparts store and get a replacement paper air filter for a 1987-93 Mustang with the 5.0, and put that in your "new" box. Next go to your hardware store and find a bit of PVC pipe, 3 inch inside diameter, about 2 feet long. Or a bit of scrap you have laying around. (You may want to paint it or get the black colored one) Also get two hose clamps that will go around a 3-1/2" hose. Finally, this peice will be hard to find... go to a local heavy duty truck dealer (Mack, Navistar International, Peterbilt, etc.) and ask for a 45 degree rubber elbow that is 3-1/2" inside diameter.

    When you have all your parts, gather up a small metric socket set and a hacksaw and a screwdriver and a fire extinguisher (kidding). Pop the hood and prop it up. To the passenger side, near the radiator, you see the black airbox and a short black hose and the intake muffler that says Ford and another short black hose, which attaches to the throttle body on the top of the engine. First, loosen the hose clamp that attaches the first hose to the airbox, and pull the hose off there. Loosen the clamp between the second hose and the intake muffler, so you can remove the muffler and first hose from the car. There should be a small (about half an inch across) hose to the top of the airbox; yank that off and find something to plug it with. Find the bolts that hold the airbox to the car, and remove the air filter box. Yank off that hose that goes to the exhaust, also. The last item to remove is the metal bracket that holds the airbox to the side of the engine bay, then you are ready for installation. On your 5.0 airbox there are two rubber feet that will point down into the groove underneath where your old box was. The oval hole goes against the pre-existing oval hole in the side of the engine bay. At the top should be two rubber mounts that you screw into the appropriate holes on either side of the oval cutout in your car, then the box goes in and 2 nuts secure it to the mounts. IF you did not get these mounts, you will have to use the ones on your old box and find some washers to space the airbox the proper distance from the side of the engine bay. Otherwise, it is a direct bolt in. Now get your 45 degree rubber elbow and fit it over the outlet of your 5.0 airbox, pointing to the other hose that should still be attached to the throttle body. Slip the 2 hose clamps over that but don't tighten them yet. Lay your bit of PVC pipe over the hoses and mark off how much you need to get about 2 inches of each end inside the hoses. Cut with hacksaw, and remove the resulting plastic burrs so they don't mess up airflow or get sucked into the engine. Insert the pipe into the hoses, and tighten the 3 loose clamps. The pipe will fit loosely in the hoses, but you will be able to tighten the clamps enough to seal it up. Shut the hood. Done.

    sorry this is so long but of course since you are FEMALE I have the irresistible urge to show off. :D
  4. If you want to talk V8s go with a 03-04' Cobra. OMG these cars are probly the best cars Ford has put out in years. They come stock with about 360rwhp and about as much work is envovled in a tune up plus 650 bux you can make it 427rwhp :nice: They come stock with fordged internnals which can with stand atleast 500 hp stock ;) These cars will be killing 05' GT for a long time to come and with no Cobra until like 06' the 05'GTs has no one to take up for them :D

    **rwhp = means rear wheel Horse power**
    The most comon way people measure hp is on a chassis dyno where the rear wheels spins rollers that measure performance. The other way is on a engine stand which that reading is called fly wheel hp.

    ***Fordged internnals = a method of making parts by forceing them into shape.***
    The other more cheap comon way is casting. This way they melt the material and poure it into a mold.
  5. tsk tsk, reading the first part of that sentance I thought you were going to make a sexist joke

    But wow, thanks for the step by step, this is the kind of stuff that really helps since it sounds simple enough to do, and inexpensive :D
    I feel bad getting all this help without returning advice, so if anyone has a biology or improv related question, feel free to ask :p
  6. Where was you when I was failling A&P :( Stick around I plan to retake it this fall :D
  7. What is A & P?
  8. Anatomy and phisology ;)

    Its some cool stuff on the relationship between the fuction of the body and structure of it :nice: Its like Biology but a hair different.

    Well ladys and gents I'm off to bed and out of town for almost a week. Its been a month since I've seen the ranch. Collin Ray will be in town so its nothing personal but I'd rather be there ;)
  9. A&P used to be a grocery store back where I come from.
  10. This weekend Sarah. I hope to have a complete design system for my Cold Air Intake System (or Cold Air Induction) done and I will be posting it in the Techy Sticky. It will work with your, and its very cheap and simple to do. I will be giving exact measurements and stuff so it will be a simple addon. CAI does make a difference, not to mention better fuel miliage.
  11. Thanks Lex. I have my final on the 27th and then after that maybe I can try out some things :D Out of curiosity how long does something like this take to do? And what kind of tools will I need? Sorry for asking if you were planning on including that info anyways :rolleyes:
  12. if you have everything in hand and you do it my superior way about 30 minutes.
  13. After I finish my write up, with pics and a Flash presentation, I will be listing all the tools I used. Its going to be a nice writeup once I'm done. Its up to you whos CAI design you want to do. It took me 2 hrs, but thats also alot of thinking to make it work just right. It won't take someone that long if everything in the writeup is followed, because theres no guessing. I'll keep you posted :D
  14. awesome, thanks everybody
    lol, well I guess it has been decided for me: I won't buy a new 05 as of yet and I'm going for the CAI with the help of the step by step paragraphs from you guys, damn you make it sound so easy, I hope it is in reality though :bang:
  15. These guys have given you good advice. If you are seriously trying to decide 2.3 modded or brand new 05; basically if you can get any other stang before you mod, do it because the 2.3 na is like the slowest and weakest motor ever built by ford I think. So to start with another car would be the best route, trust me, first 2 cars I bought were two 4 cyls, now I own 2 v-8s. Even putting a turbo motor is a lot of work for not much power (been there done that, my turbo motor got swapped for a 302) It would be better to drop a 302 instead of a 2.3 turbo out of a thunderbird. A 302 bolts right in with access to a donor car for wiring harness and lots of small things. One of the first things you need to do is decide how fast you want to go, and if you want to easily get to 15, 14 or 13 second quarter mile times, v-8 is the best most cost effective ruote, it takes lots more time, work and money to get a 2.3 motor there. Also some more advice would be to not dissassemble anything unneccessarily, wait till it breaks, it seemed to me that once I started digging into my 2.3 it just started running crappier, it is a waste of time to try to mod the car to be fast, but it can be made a little peppier. The cars have other good features, being that they look just like a 5 liter you could get things for the car that will easily transfer over to a new car if you buy one (if you buy a fox-body) things like rims, a hood, headlights, tailights, a big car stereo (hatchbacks are good for this they POUND) and other appearance items, then you can build on what you have for a longer timeperiod. OR, if you really really want to make the car quicker: get a 5 speed in the car no matter what, also get some gear in the car (more than what you have , like maybe a 4.10 or 4.30 gear (this will hurt highway gas mileage some, not much you should already have a 3.73, but a 5 peed will help bring mpg back up. Get a cold air intake (dudes idea for a stock 5.0 unit is a good idea) and make tha car get as much cold air rammed into the box as possible, least amount of restriction in the intake as possible is the goal. Is your car carbed? I can't remember if the 89's are or not but if it is, I've been told all you need is a big carbuerator, big cam (ranger cam is good I think) and a big exhaust and supposedly you can reach 200 hp NA, but I have not tried that one. Cam will definately help, bigger exhaust but not too big, the ranger header works too, remove the front swaybar for good straight line performance and front end weight loss (always good to get front end weight into the rear or off the car), battery to the trunk, take out any crap you have in the trunk: spare tire (who needs that anyway?) jack, junk, any weight you can remove from the car will help immensely. Lightweight wheels, low pro tire reduce frictional losses, lower the car for areodynamic benefit (just chop the springs for cheap, no more than two coils max, more will make clearance issues and will negatively affect your suspension geometry) these are just some ideas that I thought I would throw out to you, some better than others, my advice is to keep reading and learn as much as you can and ask questions, and just do it. Or if you are going to school and plan on one day getting good cashflow, wait till you are out of school and go buy a stang already fast, and THEN modify. Oh yeah, dude who said the 03 cobra bottom end will handle 500 hp is wrong, it will handle over 1000 hp completly stock, take a look at the 2 fastest ones out there (nitous pete and stricly performance), both are approaching 1000 hp and are untouched shortblocks. The 03 and 04 cobras will be one of the best performance buys availible for many years to come.

    Hope this helps someone. Peace
  16. Hmm well if I were to mod my car it wouldn't be anything serious since a) I don't know THAT much about cars and b)I won't be racing it or anything like that.
    So I was more concerned with just giving it enough guts to get out of its own way :rolleyes: if it was something cheap and relatively easy to accomplish
    As I mentioned before I might just say screw it and wait for an 05, drive it until I have it paid off and then think about mods, hopefully by then there will be a market for them and/or people who have already tried things with them.
    Nothing is set in stone as of yet, I was just asking for advice from the most care knowledgable guys I know . . .you guys! :D
    It's one or the other though, I'm not going to buy another whole car (unless its an 05) and work on that one, so :shrug:
    Sorry if none of that makes sense
  17. 1.9L Scort = "hill coming turn off A/C" :D

    I'm glad I didn't see your advice before blowing out a tire in the middle of the interstate with no cellphone, or trying to get around in the snow :p
  18. Ya, exactly, my car is an A to B kind of car, I just want something with a little more uumph, but I'm not going to gut my car, it's my baby! :(
    Plus, I like all the luxury of a fully loaded vehicle :p
    . . . well y'know the stuff that still works :rlaugh:
  19. bwahhahahaha..... thats waht i said back when i was 16, with my 92 2.3 ranger...

    all it takes is the one saterday afternoon of installing a CAI to spark the fire of passion for speed deep inside of you... and suddnely you find yourself instaing exhausts, then porting heads, then adding on turbos, modifying suspension... etc. and before you know it you've built an all-out race car :lol: have fun, you'll be learning and not even know it, and before long you'll be a pro
  20. Well that WOULD be pretty neat, but we'll see, I'd like to watch other people do things on cars before I try to muck them up for myself, so I'll just keep hangin around my car buddies and see what I can pick up