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  1. Allrighty you guys are going to have to do some dang good research on this one :D I want numbers baby......

    Third Offical Question:

    List the following information about our car, all numbers are to be as the car sat in stock untouched form right off the show room floor: Remember STOCK numbers!

    Height in. =
    Length in. =
    Width in. =
    Wheel Base in. =
    Curb Weight lbs. =
    Fuel Capacity gal. =

    0 - 60mph =
    1/4 mile, [email protected] =

    Good luck, there is 8 total answers!

    yesterdays winner: 95GTvert[bv12]
  2. Exterior length 181.5"
    Exterior body width 71.8"
    Exterior height 53.4"
    Wheelbase 101.3"
    Weght 3600 vert.
    Fuel Capacity 15 Gallons
    0-60 6.0-6.5
    1/4 high 14's low 15s

    car and driver (feb 1997):
    1/4 15.2
    0-60 6.5

    am i right?
  3. Height in. = 52.9
    Length in. = 181.5
    Width in. = 71.8
    Wheel Base in. = 101.3
    Curb Weight lbs. = 3,258
    Fuel Capacity gal. = 15.4

    0 - 60mph = 6.6 sec
    1/4 mile, [email protected] = 15.0 @ 91mph
  4. Damn your fast Rude....

  5. where did you get your info? only 2 minutes faster than u.
  6. And im browsing at the speed of T3.
  7. Me too...

  8. so were we right?
  9. :D Man both yall were damn close, but no cigar. Maby try a different source for your info :rolleyes:

    Keep trying though I let this one go through the weekend till somebody wins :nice:

    Hint: Car and Driver
    Motor Trend
  10. Hey Rude by the way I liked your other avitar better!
  11. I dont know about that one, i think me and Jake deserve to split the winnings there, there is really no right nor wrong answer to that one, every place that tests cars come with slightly different results.
  12. i do too, but i had the other one on there for like 3 months, needed a lil change.
  13. Well if a GTJake was here to protest with ya Id give it to both you guys, both yall got it right :D
  14. he is here although he has not posted on this threa yet.
  15. Rude, Jake you guys there?