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  1. The heads I will be using for my 5.0HO (from an 87 GT) are older but were apparently a decent head in their day. Better than stock anyway (plus they were free from a friend :nice: ). Anyway does anyone know anything about them besides what I have found here? I have heard that they need special headers but cannot confirm that. Found one post that said they would take stock headers so I'm kinda confused and not sure how to find out for sure. Thought I'd try the forum.

    The heads are aluminum Ford Racing M-6049-J302.

    Here's one bit of info I found on another board...

    30 hp increase by just swapping from the E7 head
    50-60 hp increase by swapping heads and intake
    100-110 hp increase by swapping heads, intake, headers and proper cam
    1.94 intake and 1.60 exhaust valves (2.02 intake/1.60 on K302)
    drilled and tapped for screw in rocker arm studs
    accepts stock valve covers, intakes, and headers
    exhaust flange has dual bolt pattern for added room for porting
    combustion chambers are 58cc
    intake port is 170cc
    exhaust port is 60cc
    uses Motorcraft AG series spark plugs

    My questions are:
    Does anyone know anything about header selection/fitment?
    Any other info you may have would be helpful.
  2. Try this:

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  3. Awesome!!! Thanks Realmongo.
  4. Good Luck with the project!

    Those heads are from the 1993 SVO Catalog.