Question On Purchasing Short Blocks

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  1. What years of 302 or 351 will be able to bolt in and work with efi cams and ecu? Want to get a block to build up over the winter, but don't want any weird surprises. For instance, there are two 69 blocks near me for cheap, but I don't know if they would work.
  2. The only issues (that I am aware of) is that the older blocks were not set up for roller lifters and that the oil dipstick is in the timing cover. There are kits to adapt them to roller lifters and an oil pan with a dipstick provision will be needed. I just swapped a '68 block into my '95 and these are the things I found. I stuck with a carburetor so if there are any other differences I am sure someone will correct me.
  3. Does your block say Hecho En Mexico in the lifter valley? If so these are a better block. I am not sure what all years, or serial numbers this applies to. But some of the older Mexican made blocks had a higher nickle content and the molds were worn out resulting in more material being cast into the blocks. So the older Mexican 302's are more like the Sportsman block.
  4. I checked the numbers on the block during the build. She's from Windsor, MI.
  5. Kind of an old rumor from what my engine builder explained to me. He's been in the business for 30+ years and said he had never seen any particular stock block hold up better than any other. The added nickel content doesn't really help. The sportsman blocks have wider main caps that help a little with the cap walk, but it doesn't help much. They are also basically stock blocks. Ford introduced that block option for one particular road racing series to meet a tech requirement. The racers were tearing up main webs and having to swap blocks every season. However the tech requirement was for a 2 bolt main block. The block that is in my car right now is actually a 2002 casting that was in a race car for one race. The racer pulled it and swapped to a Sportsman block as soon as the rules allowed it.

    You can convert any of the 351 windsor blocks to fuel injection. There are only a handful that are setup for roller cams. You have to find a block 1994 or newer I believe. A lot of the 351 truck blocks after that year had blocks setup for roller lifters, even though they never installed roller lifters as original equipment. Someone on here said you can actually drill an old 351 block for roller lifters so long as you don't run more than .550" of valve lift. Anything more than that and the bores aren't long enough. You can also run link bar lifters in any block but they are pricey.

  6. Oh, and Windsor is in Canada. Not sure if that's where they were all cast, or that's just where the original ones came from.

  7. I was told this information by Woody at Woody's Automotive in Thorntown Indiana. He's the Ford guru round these parts. I have no idea other than that. Maybe Rick91GT on here has some info on it?
  8. As far as the actual block goes any of them will work fine efi and ecu.

    Timing cover can be used from a late model and of the block doesn't have the oil dipstick provision you can use a canton pan that has a pan mounted dipstick. Conversion lifters can be used for roller cams. The .550 lift rule I don't like to play as the oil holes on lifters nearly come out of the bore or don't intersect the galley correctly. I use conversion link bar lifters in all non roller blocks.

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