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  1. Decided to change the look of the car a bit.
    Living in AZ is hot! Regardless the sunlight shining through the rear glass has always been hot.
    Added some louvers and removed the side ground effects (side skirts) .

    Shameless engine pic:
  2. I think the car looks really good! The rear louvers always seem like a questionable move, but there are few instances when they look bad. The removal of the factory side skirt is an easy way to clean up the factory lines.

    Nice engine whoring too:D
  3. To each is own
  4. I might just remove my skirts too, they're already half hanging off anyways.

    I like it!

  5. Thanks!

    I know. I'm not 100% on the louvres. But, like I said, its more function than looks for my purposes.

    My original plan with taking off the skirts was to practice on those pieces with some vinyl covering.
    I might go with a metallic black vinyl for the skirts.
  6. I often remove skirts too but not from a car. ;)
  7. same here
  8. Not my taste, but the only opinion that matters here is yours.