Questions about 1991 GT 5.0 Convertible 2D

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  1. Hi everybody,
    I am new to this community. Reason why I signed up is cause I am about to buy a used Mustang 1991 GT 5.0 Convertible 2D, fair condition, 98000 miles. This car has leather seats, power stearing, and power windows. Thats about it. The paint job is in a nice condition, but there are a few things broken on this baby, so I am battling right now with the desicion, if I should buy this car or not. Maybe you guys can help me.
    1) The most important issue is that the windows don't line up with the roof top which causes a small gap where water can run into.
    2) One metal beam of the back window is bend to the inside, so the rear window won't go all the way up. Again water can run into the car.
    3) Parts of the electric interior are broken, like the electronic mirrors, the radio and the car won't show me the correct speed I am goin at. I think some spring is broken cause it bounces around.
    4) The glass of the headlights are realy bad and water is running into it, plus the fog lights are broken and are about to fall out of the body.
    5) Well and the roof is realy not in a good condition. Parts are hanging off and fly around. But it seems like the roof is water proof so far.

    The car runs fine, the power steering is causing weird sounds, but other then that this car is pretty much fun to drive around.

    Now to my actual problem: The owner wants to sell it for 6500, but since I know this guy he wants to sell it for 5500, maybe 5000 dollars. I looked it up in the the bluebook and it shows half of the price he wants, which is 2500. He tells me that this car is very rare and that makes the price go up. Since I posted the situation of the car, what price is fair and right?
    Next question: I am concerned about the water leaking issue on this car. How much would it cost to fix the problems by a ford dealer or shop and how much would it be if I order the parts and repair it myself?

    Buttom line: What do you guys think? Is this a deal? Should I buy the car? I need this car on daily bases, so it has to be relyable!

    Thank you so much for your help. I am a huge Mustang fan and I would love to get this car, if it is worth it!


  2. With all those problems I wouldn't pay 5500. That car is not rare by any means. I'd pay maybe 3000, 3500 for it. If you look around on the classifieds on here,, and even, and autotrader, you can see what similar cars are going for private party. To adjust the windows, you'd have to take off the door panels and play around with the windows on the track to try to get it to all line up. The speedo problem is common with these cars. Common reasons are the speedo cable not being lubed, the magnet in the speedo going bad over time, and the vehicle speed sensor. ALso common is the headlights letting moisture in. I'm not quite sure what you mean about the metal beam in the back, is it part of the convertible frame ? Headlights and fog lights are about 200 dollars, easy to put in...
  3. Try ebay also to see what a car of that nature will bring. The price sounds way to high for it. I had an 87 vert that I bought for 5500 and it was flawless. I see really nice ones sell on ebay for less than that. You could get a well modded stang for 5k!! That car sounds like a POS to me.
  4. way to expensive
  5. Welcome to the boards. I agree with everyone else; That is too much money for a car with that many problems. Keep looking and you will find something much nicer for that amount of $$.

    Read this:Fox Body Buying Tips It'll help you make the correct choice for what you are looking for
  6. Gotta agree with everyone else that he wants too much for the car.

    I got my 93 2 years ago and it needed a top and a good overall cleaning. Mechanically it was very sound. I paid $3500 and got it on ebay. I would look around some more and see if you can find something else.