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  1. Hello Stangnet - It has been quite some time since I have been on here. It has also been some time since I owned a Mustang, sold my 550HP 347ci 66' and my 02' Saleen Extreme got traded for my wife a new Volvo many years ago.

    With that being said I have a new interest in getting another Mustang. It started with the 13' & 14' GT500 and now the release of the 15 pictures and specifications my wheels are turning and I am excited to see what specialty models Ford my release next year.

    I have heard that there may be two other high performance models in addition to the GT. Potentially a high revving naturally aspirated model producing ~ 500FWHP (maybe a GT350?) and of course the GT500 with the same supercharged 5.8L motor.

    If anyone can fill me in on any additional info, especially estimated release dates for these other models I would appreciate it. It the mean time I may check in from time to time to see what is new and what info might be available.
  2. I hope it isn't FrontWheelHorsePower! Or do you mean fly wheel? :)

    The SVT models probably won't be out until 2 years after the next gen releases. I've heard of Mach 1 making a return; I've heard of the GT350 being N/A but less power than the GT500; and I've heard of the GT500 eventually taking a twin-turbo ecoboost. If I remember correctly, I've heard that the GT500 will not have the 5.8L.

    I'd take a GT. Even in 2011-2014, the GT was the heritage of the modular 99-02 Cobras and the 03-04 Mach 1s. It's a great car, and I bet it will be even more awesome in 2015 but with a lower cost than the specialty vehicles that will come out in 2016-2017.
  3. Yep - that was Fly Wheel smart guy.... :)

    Really that long of a wait? If that is the case then I will likely just order a 2015 GT and put a pro-charger on it, some long tubes and exhaust and have some fun. I just really want something to drive to work and have some fun with. My 08' Tundra Limited Crew is nice but I want a car again. I thought about a C7 Vette but with the kids a two seater just would not fly and a couple of 11 year old boys will fit in the little Mustang back seat. I can't wait 2.5 years for it. Maybe I should snag a 2013-14 GT500 as there seem to be lots of them out there for sale and I could prolly get one well under sticker.... Really want that new 2015 body style and the IRS.
  4. At this point no one outside of Ford really knows how long the wait will be if any before high performance models will be released.Historically there has been at least a year before additional models have been released. However it seems that they are testing something right now:
    It could be a Mach 1 , Gt350, GT500 or something else. Since they seem to be hitting the 50th anniversary theme pretty hard , I'm hoping its a 2015 GT350 to mark the 50th anniv of the original tuner mustang, the 1965 Shelby GT350.
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  5. There have been rumors that the 2015 GT will eventually be closer to 500HP. Even at 420HP, it will be plenty powerful and fun.
  6. I think 500HP is a little too much out there. I think itll probably be closer to 440 or 450, right around where the Boss 302 was.