Questions About Difference Between 99 And 02 4.6 2v Block

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  1. hi guys, this is my 2nd or 3rd posting on this site, and i was wondering what the difference was between the 2002 4.6 and the 1999 4.6. the back story is i bought some mmr forged rods from a guy who ended up never using that and the rest of his forged parts, theyre still in the original packaging. he has a block bored 0.020 over and its ready to go. he also has pistons from mmr that are 0.020 over. i was wondering what i need to get for the 2002 block that i cant take from my 99 block. also will the pi heads from my 99 fit the 2002 block? also could i safely get 500 wheel horse power with the stock crank on an auto? he said i can get the pistons, timing cover all the other parts and block for 1200. does that sound right? im not sure if i can post his description here but here it is.

    Heres his ad
    MAKE OFFERS, willing to separate. Email and tell me what you need !
    -Fully machined 2002 mustang block, decked, bored and diamond honed .020" over, ARP main studs, MMR side bolts. King SI main and rod Bearings..
    -Stock heads disassembled, have all new OEM springs, valves, lash adjusters, bronze valve guides, etc, new OEM studs
    -MMR Forged I-Beam Rods w/ ARP bolts BRAND NEW - $275 OBO (already bought this off of him)
    -Mahle PowerPak FORGED Piston and Ring Kits .020" over - Gapped to block - $620 OBO
    -Stock Crank professionally turned and polished .010" under - FLAWLESS - Make OFFER
    -All misc. stock parts intake to oil pan (cams, intake, throttle body, fuel rails, injectors, vacuum lines, egr, etc...)
  2. Any differences between those two years were minor. Maybe some brackets are a little different. Maybe some bolts. But nothing major. Those rods will fit. And the pistons will fit your block if you were to get your block bored .20. A cast iron crank is surprisingly strong. I ran 15 pounds of boost throung stage 2 heads and stage 2 cams on a stock cast iron crank and had no trouble. But if you're gonna be doing a lot of track duty and a lot of launching or if you have plans for bigger hp/tq numbers in the future, then that will be the weak link. So you might as well upgrade if those are your plans. But for 500- like 700 hp the cast iron crank will be fine. In fact, it is lighter than the steel crank so that may be even better around 500 hp IMO. As far as his asking prices, I have not seen what pistons are going for lately. But for a fully machined block that is ready to go with rods, pistons, bearings, studs, bolts, and all accessories, I'd say $1200 is a pretty good price. $1,000 is an even better price tho, lol. At least you can sell the heads, intake manifold, and cams to get some money back.

    And if you're gonna have that engine built, you might as well go ahead and get the heads, cams, and headers you want and do it all at the same time.
  3. ok, because i thought the pulley and serpentine setup is different. this car is right now a daily until i get a different car as a daily. and i am in california so most exhaust stuff is illegal but i dont care about most internals being illegal because the smog tech will not see it. how hard would that make achieving 500 hp? i am looking to get a carb legal supercharger though. will ported or trickflow heads that i put on later affect emissions with stock cam? what would a good mild cam be that would pass the sniffer?
  4. Well making 500 rwhp is kinda difficult without restrictions. To get that kind of power safely you would need head work, aftermarket cams, about 12-15 pounds of boost, and some headers. I really don't know any other way of making those numbers...maybe nitrous. And you will need a built block to handle that power. Some people say they get away with stock internals. But I personally wouldn't take that chance. If you're trying to do all this while remaining within the emissions allowance then you will need a really good tuner. And for CARB legal superchargers, I'm not sure which ones (if any) are legal.
  5. vortech and procharger i looked up and are legal but only certain models. nitrous can be hidden very well so i guess it can work and will probably be what i install first so i get a taste of whats to come. yeah it is hard for sure with all the restrictions i know its kinda ridiculous here. i bought the car cheap last year a month after i graduated high school and kinda wanted a muscle car after the z28 that i bought with my work money crapped out. due to the last owner of my car the current engine i had to do the head gasket and the rest of the cooling system so i agree i dont want that risk on my current internals. im kinda wondering if i should even use my current heads as they were machined when the head gasket was done. im definitely getting rid of my stock internals because of all the fuss in the past and maybe/most likely my whole engine block for the machined one that i showed up in my first post. when i boost it will i need a new oil pump as well? anything else?
  6. The crank will need to be balanced to match the weight of the new rods and pistons so unless that's been done, factor it into the cost.

    Differences between your '99 block (Windsor) and the 2002 block (Romeo) are minor. The top end is where most of the changes take place. The heads between the two are obviously different, but interchangeable. The front covers of either engine will bolt to one and other, but a couple of bolt sized above the pain rail are different between the two (don't remember the size off hand). The chain guides were different between the two engines as well and I don't think they'll interchangeable?

    The rods and pistons are different between the two engines, but interchangeable. The Windsor uses full floating pins and the Romeo are press fit. You will want to find out what dish the pistons are though, as you compression ratio will be affected. I'm pretty certain that the later Windsor's had a larger dished pistons than the Romeo, which may drop your compression ratio considerably with the Romeo heads....but if you're planning on running a lot of boost with the car, this probably won't be a bad thing? Find out for certain though.

    The Windsor's bottom end is cross bolted with dowel pins, where the Romeo uses Jack screws. Ones as good as the other, but neither should make a difference for you application. Most Windsor's used 8-bolt flywheels, while the Romeo's had 6-bolt.'re probably going to have to get the engines side by side to see all of the differences. If I were you, I'd buy everything the guy had for this engine just in case as a package deal.
  7. ok ill probably have to factor in the cost of balancing it if i cant get it with the block pistons and the rest of the parts which he said he would include in the deal like the intake cams and so on. i thought they had the same top end cuz they were both pi heads and intake but ok. the forged pistons that the guy has are stock compression which is good for boost which i plan to run a good amount of. if it drops the compression more then it is even better. the guy made a deal if i bought the block and pistons i would get everything else except the heads cuz i told him mine would be fine with the block im getting from him.