Questions about rear end upgrade

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  1. I'm trying to gather a shopping list of parts for a rear end upgrade for my 2011 GT (Automatic). It currently has the stock 3.15:1 gears & differential.

    so far on my list I have
    - Aluminum One Piece Driveshaft
    - FR500S Differential
    - Ford Racing 3.73:1 gears
    - Rear gear pinion bearing for 2010+

    but I'm not sure which installation kit to get
    - Rear End Installation Kit - 8.8in
    - Rear End Installation and Bearing Kit - 8.8in

    I'm thinking that since I'm getting the rear gear pinion bearing separately, that there isn't any reason to get the more expensive installation kit. Am I missing anything?

    Also, with the Torsen differential, am I correct in assuming that I'll never need to get the TracLOK Rebuild Kit. From what I've read I think it's a helical gear and doesn't have any clutches to wear out.

  2. Sorry for the delay in response.
    Yes, you are correct, you will not need the t-lok rebuild kit with that Ford Racing Torsen Diff. As for the more expensive bearing kit it would still be a good idea get. It will come with a new pinion seal/carrier bearings that will not be included with the differential assembly.

    I hope this helps!
    Please let me now if I may be of assistance in the future!
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