Questions and advice ( a little wisdom ) about 2.3t PORJECT

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  1. I just bought a 88 notch auto and a 84 T-bird swap. I would like to stay automatic have any of you done this? It appears that they are unreliable done like this. I have the 5speed swap parts but want to drive the car in traffic and I am tired of shifting.
    MODS I have for the car when it comes home from being painted
    84 turbo swap
    large vain air and injectors
    86 intake manifold ( home port job gutted )
    86 E6 turbo manifold and turbo
    sn-95 throttle body
    Procharger front mount inter cooler
    3.55 8.8 rear end posi ( 87-88 Tbird )
    cone air filter

    do you know
    how much a 4cyl notch weighs
    what kind of gas mileage they get
    what kind of power I can exspect
    any quirks I should know about

    I will post pic.s on youtube at terminatedgt when the car is painted and I begain the swap
  2. It looks like you've got a great start as far as parts go. You will need to add a computer from an automatic 87-88 turbo coupe to your list. I personally swapped out my automatic for a 5-speed because you just won't realize the potential from the motor with the automatic. But that's ok if you're goals fall in line with that aspect. You've got some good power making parts, so in this case the A4LD is going to be your weak link. At minimum, run the biggest external cooler on the tranny that will fit. One positive about staying automatic is that you're cutting out a major PITA by not having to install a clutch pedal assembly.

    To help answer some of your questions:
    don't know the weight of a notch, 3,100 lbs maybe?
    I get 24 mpg with my turbo swap, 3.73 gears, mostly stop and go driving. I've gotten 29 mpg's on a trip before
    With the mods listed, expect 200-225 HP
    You're starting with the easier of the aero foxes to do the swap with. The wiring will be easier because your car is already running on a distributor ignition. I suggest running your 88's serpentine belt pulley setup. Also, you'll want to step up your fuel pump to a higher flowing unit. I got lucky because the 86 TC I bought as my donor had a brand new Walbro 255 lph pump in it. That seems to be the pump of choice in the 2.3 T world. Your fuel lines will have to be adapted to the 84 motor's fuel rail. I used the 86's fuel lines for about 24 inches from the fuel rail down, then spliced into the 93's feed and return lines. I used brass barb connectors from the local parts house.

    There are probably 50 little things that you'll have to sit and think about, but the swap is not that major. Just take your time and learn all you can from those who have done this before. If you haven't already, get on and read, rad read!

    Best of luck and I'll be looking on youtube for your progress!
  3. IIRC, the 255HP (high pressure) is the pump to get.

    To answer the questions, SVOs and 2.3 Mustangs weigh around 3000lbs, mine averaged about 26mpg mostly highway, and I would guess your car to put down ~175rwhp with an automatic. Quirks? Where do I start...