questions on my gt500

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  1. how can u tell what size a metco pullie is? is there a # or sumthn in or around the pullie, car came with it already
  2. There are 2. One is a 2.8 that is a 10lb pulley and the 2.6 that is a 12lb pulley. Check your psi gage at about 5k and full throttle and you should be able to make out which one it is. I'm guessing it's the 2.6. I would hope there is also the extra tensioner pulley on there with it.
  3. ill check it out

    alright man thanx ill have to see what it reads at that rpm range, it doesnt seem to have a aftermarket tensioner so ima make it my next step to put that on
  4. They do also make a stock size one. I didn't even think about that. I have one sitting on my desk here. It has no part numbers on it. If there is no extra tensioner it's possible to have a stock one I guess.
  5. Here is a picture of the 2.6 and the tensioner

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  6. yea i need to put that tensioner on definately, what tensioner did u buy for yours? or do they all seem to work the same
  7. I would measure the front of it and then take about .2" off as the aftermarket pulleys are measured by the peaks of the ribs.

    I would not go by the boost guage as that is not terribly accurate.
  8. Thats true someone may have put a stock size on to trade it in since they wouldnt want to press on the stock pullie as most times its trashed pulling it off.