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  1. hey guys, i am new here and looking for some info. i am a ford fan and am a big member with powerstroke nation. mustangs are new to me but learning fast. what i have is a 88 gt. i put a 89 harnes and a9l ecm in it, i have power to the coil and the fuel pump works fine, i have pressure at the test port but i dont think i have power to the injectors? the ground is hooked to the head from the injector harness. from what ive read 87 thru 89 have the same under dash harness and putting this ecm harness in is plug and play? any ideas or thoughts? thanks in advance..
  2. Since the '88 cars have speed density except for the california cars, the '89's use a Mass Air Flow Sensor. Did you add a new MAF?
  3. yes i put a complete 89 mass air harness and ecm, i have fuel pressure and i have spark now, but my injectors will not fire or pulse. i have 12 volts and fuel psi to the injectors but the car just cranks. ive tried tps, and ive taken a distributor out of a runnin car and an ecm out of a runnin car but the condition stays the same? ive changed the eec relay and fuel pump relay as well. need help asap?