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  1. Does anyone know what it says around the edge of the license plate on the 05 show car (Gt, normally the one with the grey/white stripes) The plate is all steel looking, and I remember seeing it on tv, and thinking to my self that it was funny, but I can't remember what it said.. something about detroit muscle or something like that... anyone know what I am talking about ???
  2. The Licence plate is "DETROIT" and at the top it says "MADE IN" and on the bottom is says "AS GOD INTENDED"
  3. Sweet, that sounds right... thanks for the help!! :hail2:
  4. Photo of the plate on the '05 GT at Detroit is located here
  5. Er... I seem to recall that one of them said, "MADE IN DETROIT JUST FOR BURNOUTS".
  6. yeah, i seem to remember something about a burnouts plate too.... perhaps thats why it struck me as being to funny, but now that I think about it, I am willing to bet, that I saw it on tv, and not in a mag.. I have been watching anything abou thte car on the detroit auto shows on Spike and Espn.... perhaps I saw it on there?
  7. Yea, all of the ford's there, had different plates on them. Wasn't the GT the one with the burnouts plate?, or cobra?
  8. Funny considering the car is made in Flat Rock, MI.

  9. They must have gotten their geography intelligence from the CIA..... :D
  10. The GT licence plate said "Made in Detroit. Thats right, Detroit"

    It was "Made in Detroit, as God intended" on the Mustang and "Made in Detroit and it's best in show" on the Shelby concept.
  11. Well, all those cars were made in Detroit (I believe). The production vehicles aren't, of course. And generally, muscle cars are thought of as "Detroit iron/muscle". So it's not that far of a stretch :).

    Besides, you'll never see a "Made in Japan, as God intended" plate. Not on this continent anyway.
  12. Woa, theres GOD in a license plate.

    Lets not get the liberals all wound up in a pansy.

    Wonder how many potential buyers who were Atheiast Ford made them change their mind?


    Thats an awsome plate!

  13. Cool