quick, easy dumb question.. asap

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by getinaGTsoon, Dec 30, 2003.

  1. Which tube is for the transmission fluid ? its dark outside and my hoodlight does not work... I think I found it being the one in the left backhand corner of the upper stock intake. I just need to know for sure.. I think it is marked with an "S"
  2. There's a tube for tranny fluid?
    Isn't there just a drain hole and a fill hole on the passenger side of the tranny? That, or rip off your shifter and fill from inside the car?
  3. I'm talking about the fill hole.. and I just couldn't rip my shifter off.. its an automatic.. i dunno. but I'm talking about the fill hole.

    I may not know what I'm talking about here, but I thought there was a tube in the engine bay you could put tranny fluid into.
  4. ya he is right it is on the side of the trans and you have to squirt it up in there if im not mistaken.
  5. So no engine bay filler tube.
  6. no not on a stang sorry man your gonna have to lift her up and fill it.
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  8. It's an automatic, so there should be a dipstick tube on the rear passenger side of the engine bay.

  9. OOOhhh.. well, the only tube on the passenger side that is near the intake has a cap marked S... I believe this is the tube... am I correct ??

    hey guys.. sorry I forgot to say its an automatic.. OT: How do I get my signature to show !?!? I've looked through the options and it says show signature.. hmm.
  10. Well mine has Trans Fluid on the top, and Use Mercon on the side. If its connected to a dipstick and you pull it out and can tell that there is tranny fluid on the end, then that is it. As for your sig, make sure you have one saved, and the box next to show sig has a check in it.
  11. I have one saved.. I had one before I re-checked also.. and show signature is checked in the options.
  12. I always use the tube with the dipstick too. Its kind-of a pain to fill it up if you don't have the right size funnel though. I used a funnel with a straw from one of those souvenier cups attached to the end to put some fluid in there. :D :shrug: