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  1. Im trying to figure out if there will be any SOTP hp if I get a 65mm TB. I have a Cobra Intake and CIA....stock MAF..stock injectors...stock engine...aftermarket exhaust incl headers.

    Is it worth the cash...couldnt find anything in the search about the feel...only that the bigger it gets...the more of an on/off switch the throttle becomes.

    I also saw that the cobra intake may be a 70mm...sounds too big for my stock engine/injectors
  2. With your current mods, I predict you will feel a part throttle SOTP feel.

    WOT will be the same.

    Good Luck. :)
  3. 70mm with a matching maf would be better. then you will have a better platform for future mods
  4. i just dont want the on/off swith effect until those mods...ya know
  5. I'm lost. define on/off for me
  6. i just saw when searching that if its too big... when you are giving it gas...the fact that you let in more volume of air makes it really touchy and jumpy like your hitting the gas quick/hard
  7. Never heard the "on/off" thing before. The Cobra intake has a 65mm throttle opening and is what the 93 Cobra came with in stock form. Any SOTP increase will be very small, but the correct throttle body in an important component in building a combo that works well together. I'd do it, personally.

    BTW, a friend of mine has a 88 Saleen with exactly the same few mods you do and had it on the dyno Saturday where it made 219 rwhp and 275 rwt. Compared to that, my bone stock 93 Saleen put down 200 rwhp and 275 rwt. Here's a dyno sheet with the two runs overlaid.

  8. A 65-70 mm TB will be fine for you. :nice:
  9. i just put a bbk 65mm on mine a couple months ago. the only sotp difference i noticed between it and the stock tb (using otherwise the same setup, see sig) was in throttle response. basically it was a little less "laggy" going full throttle.
  10. 65mm is ideal for you and while large TB's have there place you can't knock the 65 either. If you want to get the most out of what you are doing you need to ditch that stock MAF and do the 94-95 70mm MAF upgrade, plug and play and will give the extra air flow you need. The 65mm will support ported intakes and ported E7's, and other combo's you would just need to figure out the air flow needs. here are some quick #'s

    A 65mm can flow up to 650cfm's

    The stock TB flowed up to 600cfm's in a ideal world.

    the stock 60mm Tb with a 55mm MAF flowed roughly 580cfms

    A cobra(GT40) with a 65mm TB and 70mm MAF flowed 638cfms.

    again ditch the stock MAF.

    I'm running a 65mmTB, 70mm MAF, 19lb injectors some T-moss ported items, mild E7's. stock cam, headers etc. I did this all at once so I couldn't tell you what it was like on a stock motor but these are minor mods and my T-moss intake is just about a GT-40 and the car is way better than in stock form, i think you will like it and will notice some more with a bigger MAF and other stuff down the road :nice: .
  11. thanks for the responces....sounds like a worthy mod
  12. interesting, I had a customer take an SD car and convert it to MAF - no other changes - and the results were similar. The MAF was better down low but made less upper rpm power than the SD.
  13. Sorry, I should have pointed out that the 88 is a CA mass air car.