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  1. Hey Guys,

    I am putting a set of 20" Shelby CS-40 wheels on my wife's 06 'Vert Shelby GT-350 tribute tomorrow. They are staggered 9's and 10's. I may have to lower the car just a smidge. I have never lowered an 05 up before. I have a spare set of GT springs and was looking at them but I cannot tell if they can be trimmed and still fit correctly. On the foxes and SN-95's, you can trim the coils and they still fit properly. I will probably end up putting some 1" drop springs in there at some point, but with the $$$ shelled out on the wheels, it will need to wait a minute so I may trim the stock springs, or the spare set of GT coils that I have, to give it a better look. Can you trim the springs on the 05-up stang?

    Also, can someone tell me if there is a difference in the GT springs and Pony Package springs. I thought that the pony package springs were supposed to be closer to GT stuff might I could be mistaken.

    Thanks for your help.

  2. You can cut a coil off the 05+ springs. It will be a pretty harsh ride with cut springs, and 20's. I did the same thing on my 2006. Couldn't stand the ride, so I spent the money and bought a set of springs. With the 20's, depending on what size tire you run, it will fill up some of that wheel gap.

    Here is a picture of my 06 with 20's. This is with the eibach sportlines.


  3. Jarrod,

    Thanks for the info and pictures. All I can say is WOW! Your car looks great! That is exactly how I want my wife's car to sit but I like them a little lower than she does. It may sit okay with the wheels, but I am running 255/35 on the front and 275/35 on the rear so they have a tiny side wall. The guy that I bought them from had them on a '12 CS with the FMS 1" drop springs on it and it was fine. How do your sportlines ride??? What size tires are you running?

  4. I had the 255/35's up front, and if I remember correctly, I had a 295 on the back. I haven't owned this car in 4 years. The sportlines rode like a wagon honestly. It was a little to ruff for my liking, but it was much better than riding on cut springs. If I were you, I would look into the FRPP P springs (1" drop) or the K springs (1.5 drop).

    It was a fun car for sure. If you look at my sig, my 2013 is sitting on K springs with our 18" Drifts.
  5. Thanks. That is what I have heard about the Eibach's. I have never run them on any of my cars as I prefer the motorsport springs for their ride quality. My 94 Fauxbra Vert has old school FRPP springs on it and rides like a Caddy despite sitting about 2.5" lower than stock and 255/40 and 295/35 tires on 18's. Thanks again for all of your help. I will only trim those springs if I absolutely have to.

    BTW, I might be doing something wrong but your sig just shows the LRS logo on my end. I cannot see your 13.

  6. The pro-kit from Eibach is nice. The sportlines will turn some heads for sure. I always get nice comments about the car, but I could feel every bump in the road. If you need anything else just let me know.

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