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  1. I was researching "teh gold FR500" thread you started. I like the look and think I might do something similar. Im thinking I can match the centers to the beige stripes on my merlot 40th Anniversary car. Could you tell me what size FR500s and tires those are? I got a buddy who thinks they are 18s. I was thinking staggered 17s. Great looking car and thanks in advance.
  2. Why not bump the thread or send a PM?
  3. Good idea, sir. Anyone else is free to weigh in on my little plan to match the wheels to my stripe colors as well. 17s or 18s, color choice or wheel style all together. All up for debate, maybe there is another wheel that would look better.
  4. They are 17x9, 17x10.5 i know for a fact
  5. Thanks. Now I gota rack my mind with whether I want 17s or 18s. Those look good and I do like the additional size of the 10.5 inch wheel.
  6. Damn im hardly on here anymore ..yes the are 17x9 in the front and 17x10.5 in the rear... 1fun281 stalks me hahahahahha...i would upload a new pic of the car which is now on coilovers front and rear but stangnet is being racist against picture uploading for some reason
  7. Mattstang04 here we go..the car was a little dirty when i took this 2012-12-15_17-03-22_333.jpg

    bbs gold and red match well :nice: you should be able to match the stripes pretty easily. the beige will look good so go for it!
  8. Thats a good looking ride. I'm leaning that direction and thinking after I get my tax return, might have to make that happen. Thanks for the reply
  9. Also might go with the 18s. Know any advantages of the 17s over 18s or vice versus?
  10. Pros are that you have much more tire size options with the 18's36" and they help feel up the fenderwell...the cons are that the tires are more expensive and the wheels weigh more.

    17's have less tire sizes to choose from but the tires are less expensive and the rims are lighter
  11. Night Shifter I havent been on here in forever until other day, your car is looking sick with the Coil Overs, Coil Overs FTW!! :nice:
  12. Thanks! It was lower. I had the fronts tucking a little but i ended up raising it a tad. The front and rear fenders are about dead even with the tires..the fronts still tuck just slightly

    For anyone that is scared about rubbing rear tires with lowering springs needs to erase that though from their head...i have unrolled fenders, 315's, 10.5" rims and the top of the tire is dead even with the rear fender and it still doesnt rub..so lower your cars, you guys will be fine :nice:
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  13. Not completely. There is a bit of an incline at my sons school. Left rear scrapes every damn time I pull in there. H&R "Race" so not even that low. Never scrape anywhere else.

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  14. Well thn your car is a bastard lol
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  15. I was talking about tire rub, not body rub....i read that wrong lol

    Im gonna scrape the hell out of my subframes if i come across any kind of odd incline or anything higher than 2" off the road
  16. I'm talking tire rub. It picks up the right front just enough to lay the lip on the left rear.

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  17. Oooooohhhh..i fail...
  18. Same problem I have sucks huh ?