quick question, loctite on spark plugs

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by OleYellarGT, May 25, 2005.

  1. which one? Trying to keep from buying a new head....
  2. NO LOCKTITE!!!!!!

    A tiny big of antiseize on cold heads and everything should be good.
  3. alright, was just wondering....seeing posts on how the plugs are backing out of the threads, blowing out, taking the threads with them. The fix has been said to be loctite....I was going to use antiseize
  4. NO LOCKTITE!!!!!! Agreed!
    In addition, use an inch pound torque wrench to tighten the plugs. After a day of using the car, recheck them.
  5. It has to do with a possible head flaw. Loctite will just keep the plug from unthreading, not pulling out the threads.
  7. ahhhh, ok.....feeling much better now. How much torque (in/lbs)?
  8. MikeZ28 is a Ford tech and he said that lock tite SHOULD BE USED...
  9. so then my question remains. Which one?
  10. I have a question also, I used light anti seize. Will I have to wipe it off and apply lock tite? Does anti seize prevent lock tite from working? What color lock tite???

  11. YES locktite. the problem is not with the plugs seizing in the problem is with them blowing out of the head.. this is already a tsb and recomended on PDI in the lighting.

    locktite your plugs
  12. Ok now that we have the issue resolved on using loctite....WHICH ONE?? or should I say color?

  13. i do this now too ALL customer 4.6's and 5.4's that i do plugs on. it may be a little harder too get the plugs out the next time but they will stay in the head.

    somewhat on topic.. i ran a lighting once a few months ago on the street. and his motor was ticking real loud when we ran. we were side by side and i got out of the gas and motioned for him too pull over. he did and i told him about the noise i heard. he said he will look into it and asked if i wanted too run again??? WTF i just told him his plug was going too blow out of the head any minute and he wants too run. :nonono: of course i said no. anyways i used too see that lighting all the time on the strip we cruise now i don't see it anymore. truck was out of warrenty with a young kid driving. i bet he can't afford the repair now.

  14. use the blue removeable locktite. the red will come apart too but it's much much harder.
  15. lock tite + anti seize = BAD???
  16. Thanks Mike....will change plugs next week and will be using loctite.

  17. locktie and antiseize counter act each other. no anti seize on our motors. on a old iron head 5.0 use anti seize.
  18. I already used anti seize last time I changed plugs :(

  19. well you can take the plugs out and clean them off with some brake clean. dry them off put blue locktite on then reinstall.
  20. Are you serious? tell me which dealership you work at so i can get my plugs changed and then new heads after you ruin mine. You are EXACTLY why I don't let Ford techs touch my car. Anybody who is reading this thread....DO NOT PUT LOCTITE ON YOUR THREADS!!!!