Quick question with supercharger Tune

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by rdksek844, Feb 5, 2008.

  1. I am thinking about buying a mustang that had an ati procharger on it. The guy who has the car sold the supercharger and FMU that was with it. I want to run without the charger and I know I will need to change the injectors to 24#'s to accomidate the 331 I will be putting in it. The question is, how can I tell if the car has a tune or if the FMU was all that was added to accomidate the blower? I am concerned as if I put the motor/24# injectors/ and matching maf in without the blower that the computer will still think the blower is on. Is there a way to tell? Thanks.
  2. if u dont theres no fmu look at the computer for a chip to see if it has been tuned and look at the fuel line to see if the was a in line pump to the fmu and the fmu lines r deleted.
  3. well if he had a tune chances are he didnt need a FMU. Most tuners dont like FMUs. Mine told me they spike to much and are herd to tune. What size injectors are in it now?
  4. It has 30 # injectors now.
  5. chances are it doesnt have a tune. If there was an FMU there is a good chance no tune, BUT that isnt a guarantee. Just replace the EEC if your arent sure
  6. I will be pulling the computer tomorrow, so I will know for sure hopefully then.