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  1. What month did ford switch to romeo in 2001?
  2. I want to say april
  3. I have a question as well, whats the difference between a Romeo and Windsor block?
  4. Im not sure if its april. My car was built in march and I counted 11 cam cover bolts (romeos have 11 cam cover bolts and windsors have 13)
    On the build plate on my car under "TR" is the letter "K" which means I have a TR3650....did the TR3650's only come on the Romeo blocks?
  5. The 3650 never came on a windsor block to my knowledge. I know that switched back to romeos sometime mid yr. Could have swore it was april.
  6. Well since my car has the tr3650 and 11 cam cover bolts I guess its safe to say that Ford used the Romeo in march of 2001. Was just curious as to when they started using it exactly. I saw a post from a mechanic who works for a Ford dealership saying he has only ever seen 1 Windsor in an 01 mustang and he couldnt confirm that it was the original motor. Ive also read that 99.9 percent of 01 GTs came with the romeo engine.
  7. can anyone confirm if the windsor engines ever came with tr3650s?
  8. 2 4.6L engines may have 6 or 8 bolts to attach to the crankshaft. Check the engine code before ordering. Romeo built engines have 6 bolts and Windsor built engines have 8 bolts. All Cobra engines have 8 bolts. The 8th character in the VIN is (X) for Windsor engine plant or (W) for Romeo engine plant.

    This is posted on Ford Racings website under the footnotes in the flywheel section. My 04 GT has 11 bolt valve covers and a T3650 but the VIN has an X code. Just putting it out there. I will continue to assume that I have an 8 bolt crank and a Windsor engine. Maybe this can help you as well.
  9. all gts have the 8th digit as an X. If you have 11 cam cover bolts you have a Romeo....100%

    pretty sure the tr350s only came on romeos aswell. this means you have a 6 bolt set up
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  10. Wonder why Ford Racing and Lethal Performance have that posted on their sights. Not arguing your logic, just seems a little sloppy on their part if that is the case. Short of taking off the trans, is there any other way of checking?
  11. after researching...i figured out that all gts had the 8th digit as an X meaning V8
  12. Thanks Super. You may have just saved me a terrible headache during a future clutch project.