Fox Quick Seatbelt Question

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  1. I'm trying to see whether or not my seatbelts will need replaced. This is my first fox so I am not entirely sure if the seatbelt technology is anything like today's. Anyway, are the seatbelts supposed to lock up whenever you apply heavy pressure to the brakes? I tested mine and they don't seem to lockup, just making sure they aren't defective.

    By the way, its an 89 GT Vert

    Thanks in advanced
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  3. Ok thanks, I guess mine are broke. Is there any wiring to them that tells them to lockup or is it triggered just by the sudden forward momentum? For example, if you pull on them quickly.
  4. Its all in the retracting mechanism which is known to wear out. Dont forget the Latemodel discount for forum members! ;)
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  5. Just replaced mine as well. They should lock up without having to really pull on them hard.
  6. I'll be able to get them in about a week but if I can get a deal locally I am jumping on that first. I know someone who I just recently bought a powered mirror switch for $20 ($65 on LMR) that told me to send him a text if I need anything. Thanks for the input guys, much appreciated! Can't believe I've been driving around for 3 months without proper seatbelts :eek:
  7. Ok, instead of starting up a new thread, another quick question. Will a set of front seat belts from a 92 Vert fit in my 89 Vert? Hopefully I can get a quick response so I can jump on this deal.