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  1. Is there a spring that will give a slight drop (.75-1 inch) that can be used with stock shocks/struts without a huge sacrifice in ride quality. I do not race, so looks are the top priority with daily driving being a close second. I have not lowered yet because of numerous potholes and speedbumps encountered daily. I did a search and contacted a couple of manufacturers but got mixed answers.
  2. Ford Racing B or C springs. C's are lower than B's but Im not sure on the specifics
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  3. Thanks Nightfire. After looking those up, it would appear the B's would fit my needs. I know that aftermarket shocks/struts would be "better" but if finances won't allow that right now, can i use the B's with the stock shocks/struts or will I have poor ride quality?
  4. You can use the stock shocks and struts even if you drop the ride 1.5". It will not alter your ride quality, so there should be no problem at all. I dropped mine 1.5 with sport springs from American Muscle and I am still using the stock Tokico's that came on the car. Ride quality is still the same.
  5. Ditto on the B springs, but honestly, if you're on stock springs from 2004, upgraded shocks and struts will be a day and night difference.
  6. Thanks everyone for the replies.

    I was thinking the same. maybe wait another month or two for funds to even out and do it all at once.

    I liked the idea of the "Bullitt Suspension Kit" from Ford Racing, but those seem to be on backorder everywhere. Assuming I go with the B spring for the smaller drop that I am looking for, how do I go about selecting shocks/struts that would match well and keep with my original intent of lower stance without loss of ride quality?
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  7. Im lowered 2" with factory shocks/struts. The ride is a bit rough, and my longtubes scape everywhere.....but the look is well worth it
  8. I recommend the Strange 10-way adjustable shocks and struts. I've used them many times in the past. In fact, I just bought another set for a project I'm working on. They're a great value for the performance per dollar.
  9. This may be the most confusing of all the modifications I've looked into (of course it doesn't help that I am indecisive to begin with)!
    I have a call in and may be able to get the full bullitt suspension kit from Ford Racing (m-5400-a) for a great price. Being that is an all in one option, I may grab it. I otherwise will probably go with the FR B springs and based on hoping to not take it apart again, install once I can get new shocks to match. Thanks, Sharad for the suggestion, but I am not sure I want to get adjustable ones.
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  10. Alright guys, one more question (I hope). I am going to order the FR B Springs. The rep at American Muscle stated as some of you above that with that small of a drop there was no need to change the shocks. If I am being proactive and going to change them since they will be tearing that part of the car apart anyway, which non-adjustable and reasonably priced set would you recommend for DD purposes? Again, I want a lowered look with same/similar ride quality. Or even though I'd be saving on labor, would I just be throwing money away on replacing them now if those are the springs I am choosing? Thanks again. I appreciate the input and advice. This is the first car I will be altering suspension on!
  11. If the shocks/struts are in good condition now, then I feel you are throwing money out the window. Leave what is on there and put the money elsewhere like fuel. Just get the springs and call it a day.
  12. With all due respect to AM, your car is 10 years old. It's time to upgrade the shocks and struts regardless of the mileage.
  13. Thanks for the input. And I would probably just do it, but it is obviously more money and the shop owned by a friend of mine that will do the install inspected the current suspension and feel that with only a minor drop and a progressive spring with a similar rating, I am most likely going to be fine. We shall see...

    I think that is what I am going to do. If I then need to do more down the road, so be it. Thanks.
  14. :nice: sounds like a plan. Wise decision!
  15. Just thought you'd like to know Sharad, that you were right ;), after taking it apart, the rears needed replacing (along with a brake issue....so much for saving money!). I called Ford Racing and talked to two different techs that both assured me that the factory style shocks were what the FRPP B springs were "engineered and designed to work with and achieve the lowered stance with minimal reduction in ride quality". They also said that obviously a more performance oriented damper would work, it'd just have the possibility of a harsher ride. My shop is looking into what his vendor stocks and recommends as the car is now in pieces in the bay and I cannot wait too long to get parts here. Thanks again.
  16. No problem. I'm sorry to hear that you're coming out of pocket for more mods, but yeah, the stock shocks and struts don't last very long. I just bought a set of Strange 10-way adjustable shocks for one of my Mustangs. I use them a lot. They work well, and they're only 68.99 each.
  17. So after a complete round about process (which seems to be the story of all my car changes :confused:) I have succeeded in my original goal (as stated in the top post). I ended up with the Ford Racing B Springs and Monroe Sensa-Trac shocks. I am happy with the drop. Just about 1-1/4 in front and just shy of an inch in the rear. This is slightly more than the 1-1/8 and .75 they were listed as, but just fine with me. The slight rake looks good in my opinion but the top of the wheel well is exactly the same height off the ground.
    I had to replace the shocks out of necessity and did not want a rough ride so I went with the recommendation of my shop, his vendor, and two different Ford Racing Techs. (They all recommended the Sensa-Tracs, the vendor said the Sensa Tracs or if I was willing to go stiffer the Koni SRTs (but those were on backorder everywhere I tried and the car was in pieces on a lift) or they all said Bilsteins which were out of the budget). The end result is that my car looks like it should have from the factory in my opinion. It now feels "planted" and "solid" but only minimally stiffer over bumps etc. It feels stable in turns as there is a noticeable reduction in body roll and nose dive when braking and an improved handling feel. All in all I am satisfied. It may not be extreme, but it is just enough for a car that I use to cruise with my family on the roads with bumps, potholes and speedbumps I regularly encounter.

    Before (excuse the dirty car):

  18. Nice job bud. And a nice looking ride to boot. I will caution you on one thing that you should expect. In about 1 to 2 thousand miles after you installed the springs, they will gradually start to lower a bit more as the spring starts to squat naturally. It happenings on all aftermarket springs as they start out being alittle stiff due to being new, but after a few thousand rebounds and lauches, the spring will naturally settle, which results in alittle more drop.
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  19. Thank you! I read that there may be some "settling" and I am ok with that. I also plan to keep a close eye on the alignment and have it redone again as I start to accumulate miles on the new suspension.
  20. Does look like she was sitting for awhile with all that surface rust on the rotors. Looks kinda antiquish, resto style. Get that girl out and spank her alittle.