Quick Video/audio Of My Borla S-type Axel Back On 2012 Gt

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  1. Finally got my stock mufflers replaced to get a much better sound. This is the only mod I've done on the car. Only took about an hour to do both sides. The rest of the exhaust is still completely stock. I LOVE the sound of the mufflers! Make sure your not listening to it on laptop speakers ;)

    idle to 4000 rpm slowly, then idle to limiter

  2. I listened to it on laptop speakers....

    Then headphones.....
  3. Haha :)

  4. Very nice! :nice: I just installed my Master Flows. Sounds INCREDIBLE. The driver's side took much longer than I thought...almost 1.5 hrs! The passenger side was a breeze..30 mins max. This is the first mod on my car and the first time I've installed mufflers, so, I'm pretty damned proud of myself. My first mustang, 2002 Mineral Grey GT Premium Convertible, I just bought all the crap, and had a local shop install. Full exhaust, (long tubes, Magna Flow), new suspension kit and 3.73 gears. I actually installed the short shifter, throttle body and plenum myself. That was pretty easy.

    As for this car, I'm saving up to buy the suspension kit, long tubes and super charger kit. But, this will be much, much later down the road. By then, I might just buy an FI crate engine and have it installed. We'll see.

    Anyway, sounds great!