Quick wax on the car. Pics inside.

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  1. nothing too fancy here. just a wash & wax - a touchup to get me till spring for a full detail. washed the car with a light tri-blend mixture of CG bodywash/wax, CG wash/gloss & 1z einszett exclusiv gloss. wheels were cleaned inside and out with mothers foaming all wheel & tire. tires were glossed with meguiars hot shine. for protection, a coat of prima banana gloss by hand. not the most durable wax but def a neat one. minor concealing abilities along with slight color change in the paintwork. seems to darken & sharpen things up. highly reflective and makes for a super slick finish. wipe on / wipe off and its stupid easy.











  2. Very nice! Those rims are perfect for your car. Are you using 303 on the cowl? Keep up the good work sir!

    Only detail I do not like is the rear spoiler delete.
  3. thank you sir - i was actually considering changing up the wheels.....maybe not. always wanted to try 303 but never have. i've been fortunate enough to keep my exterior trim looking clean just from using the good quality soaps. i am , however, a big fan of CG's innerclean on the interior.
  4. Great work man. Once you get a car properly polished its all about the care and maintenance after that :nice:

    Car is lookin dead sexy, if I had to add 1 thing to it I would opt for the GT hood scoop but that's it.
  5. you are correct sir. i machine polish the car every year, followed by a glaze and a quality wax. top ups there after about every 4 months or so.

    thank you for the compliment :nice:
  6. Looks ridiculous, as always. :nice:

    I'm still a little ticked at myself. I spent 3 days over Christmas break cleaning and detailing my car. I'm talking EVERYTHING. Clay/compound/polish/seal/wax on the paint; wheels inside and out; all of the interior. ...and I don't have a single picture to show for it... Maybe I'll get some when I re-wax in another month or two.
  7. WHATS WRONG WITH YOU??!! you can't do that much work and not snap one single picture to show for it. at least tell me your product list you used. always looking for other options to make silver pop. you car has always gotten my attention.

    oh, and thanks for the compliment bud.
  8. Simple and clean. Great looking car.
  9. thanks guys:)
  10. fiveoho

    I actually told you wrong; I did take a few pictures on my old point and shoot. Had forgotten to take them off the camera.

    Anyways, here was my process (for the paint anyway).

    Meguiar's Deep Crystal car wash (3x strength)
    IPA wipe-down
    Meguiar's Clay bar
    Meguiar's M105 with an orange Lake Country pad
    Meguiar's M205 with a white Lake Country pad
    Another IPA wipe-down
    Meguiar's NXT Tech Wax 2.0 as a sealant with a black Lake Country pad
    Meguiar's #16 by hand as the LSP

    Overall, I'm very happy with the process. I wish the 105 didn't dust so much, and the #16 could be easier to remove, but overall, it makes the car look amazing. The 105/205 combo is so easy to use, and works wonders on dang near anything (see bottom of this post). The NXT really lasts a while (6+ months easily) and is ridiculously easy to apply and remove. And the #16 is just awesome. I really wanted to try the Autoglym HD that I've been hoarding for a couple of years, but I've just been so satisfied with the #16 that I didn't want to change anything.

    Here is a pic of just how bad my car was (nearly 2 years since it's last full detail, and that was without a Porter Cable). This is just one pass with the 105.


    And here's a couple after I was completely done (unfortunately shot with a 8 year old point and shoot). Hoping to get some better pics sometime soon.



    Here's some pics of my DD that I've had for a few months. It was in AWFUL shape when I bought it, but I could tell that it was fixable. M105 worked wonders on this thing. it finished up so nice on the cheap Honda paint that I didn't even follow up with 205. These pics are just after compounding with the 105. It took 3 passes, but holy cow does the paint come back.




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  11. your car looks awesome. super super clean. even the honda looks great. nice 50/50 shot of the hood - very nice work there ! ive always wanted to try the 105/205 combo but i have so much CG stuff, i hate to buy more ( although from what ive read, 105/205 is better than CG's compounds & polishes ). ive also been wanting to add #16 to my collection but its terribly hard to find - any ideas when it can be found?

    you need to give the autoglym a shot. i know you will like it. great slickness, great reflectivity and great durabilty. last spring i used CG xxx for my lsp. the spring before that, i used the HD wax. neither disappointed.


    not the best camera....
  12. Beautiful job, and one of the cleaner stangs ive seen. I was wondering is your car a gt or a 6 banger ? isnt the hood a 6 cyl variety or did that hood come through on both sixes and eights ?
  13. In 2000 (less the spring editions) that is the stock gt hood. Gorgeous car!
  14. what he said. and thanks :)
  15. Car looks great fiveoho! I need a crash course on proper detailing. I just wash mine and then wax it with Meguairs liquid cleaner wax so Im probably not getting the best results that way...

  16. Anything specific you want to know? There are a good amount of us on here who can help point you in the right direction :)

  17. I need a general description of how to do a proper detail job for my car. I usually just wash it and wax it, I do tend to use Meguairs products if that matters. I don't how to use a sealant, what the difference between polishing and compounding? I do know what clay baring is and I have done it to my car before, its been a long time though. Also how to maintain the headlights? Sneaky98gt told me in my headlight restoration thread I will need to do something to my headlights to keep them from getting hazy again, bc I sanded them down and cleaned them up recently...

    So yeah I just want to do a good job and not miss anything. Even after I wax my car I can still see surface scratches under lights in parking lots at night and I want to get rid of them if I can.
  18. thanks man!

    nothing wrong with meg's products - i've used them . i do ,however, prefer others that are out there. most of your shine, depth, clarity and mar free finish lies in the prep work. you have the right idea by using a cleaner wax to clean up the paintwork but i think you may be limiting yourself by just using that. a great finish can be achieved by still using inexpensive products.

    do you have or are you considering a DA for minor paint correction? or will you be doing it all by hand?

  19. I dont have any access to tools atm bc I am currently up at my college living on campus. So yeah I have to do it by hand. If you want you can check out the pics I posted on the thread I created about the headlight restoration. I figured I would post them there bc I was working on cleaning up my headlights. Thanks btw