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  1. I have had issues with domestic cars for most of my life... really all of my life, I am being sucked into the dark dark dark side, not just imports.. but HONDA!!

    Somebody quick feed me reasons why I should not buy a used Accord 4cyl 5-speed EX and then spend 2,000-3,000 on a turbo kit...

  2. Because any car can last just as long as a HOnda if its taken care of.

    Honda's arent perfect

    You'll get no respect from anyone other than rice boys

    its FWD

    And people will mistake it for your moms car.
  3. ....yeah, people will think the HONDA is your moms. That should be reason enough!
  4. because you'll pop that motor in a heartbeat.

    buy an EG hatch, drop a b18b in it, and THEN turbo it. those motors will take more boost than an EX accord motor (plus none of that vtec crap).

    or you can buy a sentra se-r with a sr20de and boost that. those motors are stout.
  5. The only reason to not buy it: preserve your dignity.

    But if you like the sound of bees in a coffee can, go for it.

  6. :rlaugh:
  7. If you like 4 cylinders do it up i guess.
    it IS turbo'd like you said, but I have no knowledge whatsoever on how long those those motors last under boost.

    my opinion on it is, if you're buying one for fuel efficiency and reliability, then stay clear of the aftermarket turbo.

    if you want a fairly quick 4 cylinder, why not get something like an integra or a prelude? those motors have tons of well tested and dyno proven turbo kits and aftermarket for them. well I tihnk preludes have supercharger kits, but wahtever.

    Another thing, honda parts cost a bit more than parts for Fords or Chevy's. so when something breaks, get ready to shell out just a tad more than what you used to be spending on your probe.
  8. If you wanted a inexpensive car that you can mod cheaply why wouldnt you just buy a old 5.0 or a lx. You could spend probably less then 3,000 on it and make similar power plus you could still turbocharge/ supercharge it later on if you choose to.
  9. because accords are pigs. IF you want a sports car buy a sports car. If you want a transportation appliance that compromises personality for ride comfiness and cupholders get you an accord. If you want to turn an appliance into a sports car, get a fox mustang. you'll be at similar weight to an accord with RWD and more power. Maybe a Miata is right for you (not saying your gay)
  10. to make that car fast, u will have to gut it, then u dont have a car nemore.
  11. The only 4 banger I would agree with getting would either be an Integra or a WRX/Evo. :puke: Accords and Civics
  12. if you just want a commuter car, itll be perfect. but turbo an i4 accord? its been done, with mediocre to great results, but in my opinion, its not worth modding.
  13. i dont really know what kinda specs u r looking for in a used car but if you want a 4 banger honda then a prelude or integra(gsr of course) would be mich more respectable and im sure that they have a better aftermarket if you want to go along that road.

    i definitly respect preludes much more than other ricers but they are not exactly cheap if you want a nice one
  14. Cuz you will still only be running 15s.
  15. Your better off getting a Daewoo :D
  16. Real simple -

    2.3L I4 Lima block - Supports 400HP easy in stock form
    Stock T3 Turbo supports 300HP if you fix the fuel delivery issue with a 255LPH
    Can be had for cheap
    Can be modded for cheap
    Rear wheel drive platform
    23 in the city - "up to 30" on the highway.
    Best of all, it's still a Mustang - or it can be.

    Choices are

    79,80,83,84 Turbo GT
    84-86 SVO
    Any fox converted to a 2.3 out of a T-Bird Turbo Coupe
    A Turbo Coupe - Very cheap and faster than some thing despite the size.

    With the exception of SVO's and 87-88 TC's the turbo cars can be modded into the 13's for as little as $1500 or less. It really depends on how much of the work you can do yourself and how cheap you find the parts. You can get into the 12's for a little more than that. SVO's can get into the 12's for about $500, but again, you have to do all the work or you're looking at easily twice that.

    Have you driven a Turbo Ford lately?

  17. my buddy has an accord, and its cake as hell. it'll never be fast. he knows it, i know it, we all know it. respectable I4's are out there yes, but certainly not a damn accord. trust me, that turbo would detonate that grocery getter so fast. you'd be dissappointed too every time you went to the track cuz like someone else said, you'd still run 15's. you can work on a v6 stang and hit mid 14's. get an integra gs-r or eclipse gsx that just 2 that come to mind. i'm positive there are still better choices than that.

    i JUST HOPE i'm not too late with this response. you'd HIGHLY regret ever getting an accord.
  18. a think a civic dx would be respectable :shrug: