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  1. Forget what every retard and their mother is saying. Buy an old Nissan 300ZX turbo car and fix it up. WAY more fun.
  2. assuming it would be a fixer upper, the parts would cost him a left nut.
    you own one of those too don't you? how is it in terms of repair costs?
    i've fixed a couple older nissans for friends and family. the parts cost alot.
  3. Um, no, they're cheap. Z31.com classifieds rule.

  4. OK... that was enough to snap me back to my senses.

    A GTP/Buick Regal GS and 150$ for a pulley + a drop in K&N to start with will do the trick.

  5. Gotta have a back seat. Those cars are AWESOME however. I saw a very modified but very stock looking one dyno over 400RWHP IN PERSON.
  6. So buy an older turbo 2+2.
  7. or the srt-4 dodge, it's not rice, it's domestic, dual throaty sounding exhaiust and enoguh power to spank a stock 03 gt, i believe...
  8. Get A Nissan Skyline R33 Or 34 Gtr. **** All That. 11.5 1/4 With Only Intake, Downpipe, And Exhaust Proven On The Track For A Mere 60k. Lol
  9. u mean 90 thou
  10. I think buick revieras are the same deal. but you might not like the look of that car.
  11. I like the look but it's toooooo heavy for that engine, it's even heavier than the Bonneville. Seriously.

    I'd buy a used Eldorado before the Riv. Still a nice low 15 second luxury car.
  12. ive never seen a rivera but if your goin for the sleeper look im guessin thats about as good as it gets stock

  13. Ya **** all dat ****... I otta buy a house in Malibu too huh? :rlaugh:

  14. Have you seen a Regal GS?

    If you have seen a 99 or newer Buick Century you have seen a Buick Regal GS... to ME that's the ultimate sleeper car.
  15. o yeah ive seen a century.
    also on the note of sleepers my firends mom has a lincoln mark 8 32v v8 that gets pretty sick. also taurus(sp?) sho's r kinda sleeper dont no why they stopped makin em
  16. i "raced" 2001 nissan sentra se-r spec v in our 97 olds aurora (sniff...i miss that car) it was from a stop light up to the speed limit, which was 55 mph, ok so i "raced to 60...but anyways i kicked his ass, man you shoulda seen the look on his face when i stopped messin with him at 60 and he kept going. i mean a 250 hp 4.0 v8 in a luxury sedan kicking his ass. that was a good day and for some strange reason i attract spec-v's but it was the same deal, except this time i was in my moms new car a 2001 infiniti i30 there was 4 of us in the car and my mom had 2 golf bags in the trunk and i "raced" him to 60 mph and i had him until like 45 mph then he started comming back to beat me, but come on, the infiniti only has 225hp in a 3.0 v6 but still i think it was pretty good
  17. yah, they aren't the lightest looking 2doors.

    having a car that is too heavy for the engine is something we can all relate to if ya catch my drift, :)

    i forgot about bonnevilles too, the SSEI or watever have the 3.8 S/C'd too. they are a pretty soft ride, and they got a good factory sound system. but now we're realling crosing the line into family cars.

    do whatever floats your boat. its your money hehe.

  18. I have a family. :D
  19. try to get one with low miles if you're getting a 3.8 in that year range.
    the S/C'd ones tend to get blown head gaskets. (97-99)

    the crank bearings sometimes go out on those if the engine is too old .
  20. If you're interested in drag racing then I don't see any point of going for R33 or R34 when you can have a lighter R32 GT-R for much less.