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  1. Um, they were being sarcastic. No one is getting a Skyline. By the way, what does RB26DETT mean?
  2. I know.

    R = ?
    B = Benzene
    26 = 2600cm^3
    D = DOHC
    E = EFI
    TT = twin turbo
  3. Awesome, your presence here is just as pointless as mine.
  4. The darkest of the dark side isn't Honda. It's Toyota.
  5. Is that because Toyota has actually brought fast, affordable cars to America?
  6. Where? Last time I checked, American car companies have been making fast affordable cars for years. I was actually thinking of the dark side in terms of rice, in which Toyota is much worse from the factory than Honda. TURD Celicas and freaking SUVs with wings and hood scoops comes to mind. And at least Honda can compensate with a genuine sports car, the S2000. What does Toyota have, the MR2? Not even in the same league.
  7. Toyota has the older Supercharged MR2's, newer turbo MR2's, MKIII turbo supras, MKIV TT supras werent that pricey when new, and Celica All-Trac's. The Supras were brought over to compete with the Mustangs and F bodies just like Nissan did with the 300ZX. And I only listed the cars brought to America. Like I said, do some research.
  8. Up to you man! :nice:
  9. I haven't been living in a cave for the past ten years. I am well aware of what Toyota has made in the past. I was referring to their current lineup, which on a scale of zero to exciting, sits a quarter degree above Buick.
  10. :sleep: This forum is dead today. Am I the only one who has nothing better to do with his Christmas Eve than carry on assinine arguments over which car manufacturer is more evil?

  11. :rlaugh:

    I would have never thought you would say a thing like that. What's Toyota's current fastest car run 16.2 in the 1/4?

  12. buy a used miata, drop a supercharged v8 in. Heck, I love my stock '99.
  13. I didn't mean currently dummy. They've had fast, affordable cars here in the past.
  14. Plymouth made some of the baddest muscle cars in history in the past too.
  15. Dont you mean Chrysler?
  16. No, I meant Plymouth. As in the brand that made some legendary vehicles, such as the 440 and 426 'Cudas. Plymouth, the brand that has since ceased to exist because despite its storied heritage, it failed to compete in the modern era.
  17. Plymouth is part of the Chrysler Corporation. Thats why they call it a Mopar along with Dodge and badged Chrysler cars.
  18. I know that, but you bring up a good question...can a Mercedes-Benz now be referred to as a Mopar?
  19. No. Even though it is true that it's now Daimler Chrysler, they do not use the same components in assembling the cars. Mercedes-Benz is a seperate car company owned by the same people.
  20. What about the Crossfire? Mercedes and Chrysler haven't been merged long enough to have significant sharing of components, but things sure seem to be moving that way, especially with their attempt to move Chrysler more upscale.