Quickest mods to beat LS1!!

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  1. Search feature :D This topic has been beaten to death...lol

  2. my car back when it had a 4.6 had no prayer against ANY ls-1. i only raced a few because it was futile. my car had a PI head/cam/intake swap, filter,off-road 'x', longtubes. it was a 290flywheelhp car. the few times i fooled with an LS-1 it was over by 80mph from a 60 roll. they were at least 3 cars ahead and 5-10mph and pulling. .

    one thing i look forward to is killing as many LS cars as i can with the new motor. oh, you'll see the odd FI Ls, but otherwise i cant wait to meet the better cammed LS cars. rock on turbo ported 4V ford.
  3. BTW at 2900lbs/500 rwhp i will enjoy an advantage
  4. intake(Cold Air and throttle body), exhaust, 4.10 gears....ur set =))
  5. You bumped this thread for this nonsense?
  6. yeah...seriously?

    i still havent lined up next to a ls1:(
  7. From a launch (with the built auto) i took one twice in the 1/8th. From a roll or 1/4 i'm not even sure:( - but he had a few bolt ons too.
  8. whats your cars 1/8 and 1/4? & mph?, im dying to get back to the track with the 4.30s and slicks.......
  9. I've raced 2 different LS1 GTO's (both auto).

    GTO w/ SLP catback - I got a 1/2 car jump and held it through 110.

    GTO w/ unkown mods - dead even through 95.

    GTO's are not as quick as you may think.
  10. Correction LS1 goats are not a quick as you might think, LS2's are a whole other ball game

    My buddy has a 05 goat and its got some balls but I called him out to go the track with me and he won't so who knows. With my mach, I would say driver's race, I would win at a dig he would win at a roll.
  11. Yeah, I meant to say that LS1 GTO's are dogs.

    I want to add that all I had when I raced the two I mentioned were the mods in my sig (K&N FIPK and flows......thats it). I also want to add that Im an auto too.
  12. There will always be someone faster, be a man when you get your new Mustang and take the high road when asshats line up to test their POS cars against the standard (your Mustang). Do not be an immature boy and throw mods at your car just to win a stupid street race.
  13. Wasnt the auto new edge GTs rated at like 15.1 at 93 mph by car and driver, enough said.
  14. LOL is this guy serious?

  15. For a auto....anyways. Im sure the car and driver people didnt muster the most out of it but still, auto gts 99-04 typicaly run high 14's stock. Its a OLD article but I found it a while back. Could of even been Motor Trend, dont quote me. Didnt say I liked it, just what I read.
  16. Bringing back from the dead eh?

    Also not exactly on those mods. They might beat a poor driver, but not a decent one with a strong car.

    I suggest you spend a lot more time at a dragstrip than reading magazine times from the ****tiest drivers.
  17. turbo it and laugh at them.
  18. My solution to this problem.....was a little more eccentric.....:D


    As you can tell i'm still a Mustang freak, but love the dirt cheap LS horsepower. 600 RWHP on a 3050lb Fox Body is a great time to say the least.

    Liking the new 5.0L though, lots of potential there it looks like. Once they've been out for a while I could see a change back happening...
  19. 85 Coupe 5.0 - Nicely done sir!
  20. um...isn't that an LS in that coupe?

    personally I'd rather see it in an late 70s/early 80's Camaro (or a Vega :D )than in a Mustang, but that's me :shrug:

    BTW nice job bringing back a necro-thread for Halloween ;)