Quickest mods to beat LS1!!

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  1. I dont get the ls thing in the mustang b/c its cheap, I made over 500rwhp with a stock heads and cams 4.6 2v. Also ran low 11s w/ stock gears, street tires and 450rwhp at the time. Would have been in the 10s if the damn oil pump didnt fail. BTW I have crushed many many LS in my day. A few when my car was N/A as well. MOD MOTOR 4 LIFE:nice:

    BTW the link there in my sig is that stock 4.6 walking all over a twin turbo Lt1...
  2. I'd like to swap an LSX into something. I wanted to do it to a 240/RX7, but I'd likely do it to a Fox since they fit me so well, and I am familiar with the chassis.
  3. Everyone hates on the 2V engines though. They're weak sauce N/A, but they do have very stout blocks and with forged internals and some boost can throw down some great numbers. However, the fact that a bone stock LS with boost can hit 600+ is damn impressive.
  4. Long as his car sounds like he put about 20 grand into it, nobody but the exotics will try him, long as he plays it cool.

    Ask me how I know.
  5. If Ford had put good rods and pistons in them from the factory they would have been great stock.
  6. I always did like the 2v engines myself. They are built pretty stout it seems. Look at the Lightnings..production 2v engine with lower comp. pistons. Rest is production hardware, If I remember correctly from the training course back in the day. The Terminator was the only one to receive all the Forged goodies.

    I personally know a fellow bracket racer that has a high 11 sec. Lightning with almost 10k miles and 5+ years of bracket racing on the odometer since it was removed from street duty.

    But I always did read that the 2v motors had weak rods/pistons, although i've never seen one break in that manner, but haven't been around a WHOLE lot of them that are pushing major HP either :shrug:

    I like the thread posted a ways up with the Turbocharged 2v engine, that's a good example of it can be done with the Ford stuff as well, and cost wise it's close. But, it always seems as if there is parts breakage, albeit an oil pump which is a known issue on those, at those HP levels. Whereas the production GM motor, with it's 6 bolt mains, Steel Crank and well documented cases of taking 800HP daily, seems like a better choice to me when $500 buys the entire motor with accessories/intake/pcm and wiring.

    However......that new Shelby...is pretty impressive.

    Ford's on the upswing guys, it's just taking them a bit to play catch up with the other manufacturers. At present time the hardware is still a bit expensive, but with those new 5.0's going into trucks and such, won't be too long and they will become an affordable powertrain as well.

    On a side note, got to test out the car some.

    6psi (15 capable!)
    Moderate Pump Gas Timing
    2nd gear

    1080P for those of you with Hi-Def!

    Burnout test - YouTube

  7. Nice burnout! Too bad chevy motors sound like crap! Just kidding!
  8. its funny most eveyone on here shows respect to the ls1. Ive been on ls1tech they talk so much crap about mustangs
  9. ^ True that. However, i'm guilty of the Mustang moniker myself as well... :(

    But, i've learned a little as time goes on. Anymore, if it's fast I really don't care what it is, and carry just as much respect for the Ford's as the Chevy's. Both have their pros and cons just like anything else.

    I'm pretty confident someday i'll own another Mustang. An ALL FORD Mustang that is. With the Ford powerplants looking up, in a few more years the prices will come in line with my budget i'm sure.

    Tech is a good place, and in all honesty i'm amazed at the amout of friendly reception here on Stangnet. Less a few posts, you guys are all really down to earth. The only reason I started this thread was because I figured a few of ya might like to see another old Fox turned from the grave, less a few 'custom' items...lol.
  10. have you driven and new one???? I would take a new auto over the 6spd manual!:shrug:
  11. Got full exhaust on the pile now finally. Track opens in 2 months, so we might finally get a slip on this thing.

    From a dig, street tires:

    From various roll speeds:

    Idle clip:

    Pretty much worthless on street tires indeed. We'll see how she does at the track on some slicks in March.
  12. I love how the tach and the speedo swing at the same rates. lol
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  13. best%2520pass.JPG

    [email protected]. 10 Psi, pump gas timing on 50/50 race gas. Ran out of time, didn't get to up the boost or play with the timing.

    That's a $500 motor....running 11 flat. Need to add a t brake so I can leave on boost, then maybe mid 10's. 15psi and we'll see 9's :)