Fox Quiet Super Chargers???

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  1. Are any made these days??
  2. Powerdyne (Ford Racing is a Power dyne also) is belt driven and quiet. They were famous for breaking...

    The Vortech V2 is much quieter then the v1.

    I've got a car at the shop right now with a Novo 1000 and its pretty quiet

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  3. Vortech SQ. You can barely hear it until you rev it up. But here's the real question... WHY would you not want to hear that lovely blower whine? I loved my first supercharger- an A trim- it had straight cut gears and would sing at 10lbs of boost.
  4. Hahaha I've seen a few Powerdynes on craigslist.

    I always found the whistling to be rather unpleasant to my ears :shrug:
  5. Go with a Kenne Bell blowzilla...They have more of a whine than a whistle.
  6. I like stealth. Just need to quiet the exhaust down a bit. The Corsa's sound nice but contrary to their claim I get the dreaded drone. The Corsa's will be for sale shortly.

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  7. I put a Pypes "Pype-Bomb" CB on my car. It has LT's, O/R H-pipe, and no drone. Nice and deep at idle. Not to terribly raspy, very subtle at the highway speeds where my Flowmasters would deafen me.
  8. I know a few guys that ran those Powerdynes. They actually never had any problems with them believe it or not. There is also a belt upgrade that pretty much alleviates all the problems.

  9. I outran a few powerdyne blown 5.0s back in the day with my HCI n/a combo. I wouldn't be surprised if they make competitive blowers, but I guess I've been biased against them since then.
  10. x2 for the SQ Vortech units. Very hard to hear at idle.