Race ready car on ebay look @ this monster

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  1. now there's a great car for a pizza delivery man:D
  2. Where did I leave that spare $13,000 laying around?
  3. Thats sweet....i had a 79 coupe but it was a turd
  4. Roland, Do you work for ebay?? You are always finding stuff on there...:D

    The motor looks good, and it is in a mustang , but the body and paint leaves alot to be desired.
  5. woodgrain interior, brings back the memories :D
  6. Ahhh yes... a lot of good things happenedd in 79, including me :)

    "Shake down 1979"
  7. all that and its never been raced.....what a damn shame
  8. And he has one of those RARE 1997 Ford Lightning blocks!!! :lol:
  9. man i think its ugly...sry
  10. Well definately NOT the route Id take to make 460 hp. Nice looking, but I would have done nothing the same as that guy!
  11. +1
  12. ROOTS STYLE BLOWERS ALL THE WAY, FINALLY SOMEONE WITH CLASS!!!!...im sure i wouldnt want that thing coming my way, yeah, straight up roots style blowers just look nasty...true american look:flag:
  13. That's badass, but it definately is old school as the window sticker says. More of a show car type blower, as those huge f'ers are so obsolete it's not funny. A Holly 174 will fit under a small cowl and can make enough boost to make 500+ hp.
  14. Id rather go for that kind of power with a non stroker 302, stock cam, Heads, intake and centrifugal blower (Real Street Style) and skip 460hp and jump right into the 600 range!
  15. thing is ugly
  16. i have a big list of things i could do with 11,000 dollars, buying that car would only be ahead of setting all the money on fire. The guy(s) who are bidding on it are tool(s) :doh:
  17. Chevy guys probably think that any money spent on a mustang would make us all "tools". My brother just bought a yacht....I hate water and boats....would spend $300,000 on something else myself.......I think I'll get him on the phone and call him a tool. That big roots blower is definately eating up more power than what it's worth on that car, but if you don't think it looks good sticking that far out of the hood, I would have to say that your not a true "car guy", maybe just a mustang guy. IMO

  18. "Get your pizza in 10 seconds or it's FREE!!!"

  19. :stupid: ...I dont see why its a waste of money at all...nobody said it was the most efficient, or fastest stang in the world, its just a bad ass looking fox. Now im not saying I would rush out and drop 11grand on it but I dont see anything wrong with it at all! :rolleyes: