race star wheel pictures

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  1. here they are!





  2. Your car went from sexy clean, to redneck lame in just a few months
  3. oh thanks:)

    your stock car looks really cool!
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  4. Thanks!!! I know huh!!! Ford did it right from the Factory!!! They knew 1000 inch cowl hoods look like poopy!!! :rolleyes:
  5. I guess SVT is poopy then. Cobra R anyone? And aren't you running those poopy SVT rims? That are made for a SVT Cobra, (a New Edge Terminator at that?)
  6. If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all. Shouldn't you be cleaning the underside of your spoiler with a Q-Tip and some rubbing alcohol for 7 or 8 hours tonight intead of ****ting on people's dreams on the internet? After you're done cleaning it, make sure you take 131 pictures of it from every angle imaginable to show how much light the underside of the spoiler reflects. Those are reallllllly interesting...

    To the OP: the rims look really good on there. Your car looks like it means business now! :nice:
  7. Looks good. Once you get the hood painted it won't look as big I bet. Mine didn't.
  8. Nice! That stance means business. The hood is a little much to me also but it is going to look totally different painted. I take it it launches a little better now? Time for some new track times.
  9. Not to rag on you, 98Cobra281, because I love the stance but can you explain to me the point of the cowel induction hood. Not why your's is so big or anything, just I never understood why people put them on their cars. Is it for looks only or does it have a purpose? Thanks and hope you take this question the right way.
  10. becasue with the edelbrock intake manifold, 6061 upper plenuim, and 2" open spacer it still comes very close to hitting.
  11. Wow that car is pure sex. Once the hood get's painted......omg. Your car seriously makes me consider doing a big n little combo.

    Midnightdriver; They serve 2 purposes, to give added engine compartment room and an apperance factor.

    SRT Handz; Nobody rags on you for keeping your car mainly stock appearing. Dont rag on other people for making theirs the way they want it to be.
  12. good lawdy that looks good :nice:

    is it hard to see around the hood though? not raggin on you at all because i like the hood, just wondering
  13. thanks guys

    actually its not to bad!

    pm me the brothers dyno day, and show details!
  14. what offset is the rear wheels?
  15. Looks like a lame redneck car!
  16. there 4.5" back spacing, i think the 5.5" back spacing rims looked to flat, i like a bigger lip in the rear!
  17. that cowl looks MEEAAAANNNNN haha, its goin to be looking sick when you get it painted dude :nice:
  18. Looks great! Love the stars on an aero. Just the fronts on my red car, don't have any pics of both on my old blue car. Not near as mean as your car!

  19. Love the wheels!! I wish I had went with the 4.5"bs instead of 5.5"bs....they fill the wheel well nicely.