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  1. Im from california too :(

    and i like your car......

    and not to bash haha, but, Florida is the state with the crazy pastor/priest :eek: who wants to burn Qur'ans, because according to him, people like us are the Devil, along with me living in california, im a stupid devil :p
  2. that thing looks mean
  3. I'd much rather be in FL with the Koran burning priest than in CA with all those f'n aging liberal hippie douche's :D
  4. No emissions testing FTW!!! We don't have that in MN either. Too bad there are so many rednecks with noisy trucks here :nonono: so annoying. At least my Mustang has tone and attitude. Those idiots with no cats and no mufflers on their trucks really bug me. Sounds like chit
  5. Car looks good! :flag: I'm not a big fan of the hood, but hey, to each his own. :shrug:
  6. Its getting worse in california with emissions. X/H-pipes with hi-flow cats (even though it'll pass smog) are illegal. So, if you're getting popped for exhaust, you're getting popped with exhaust. I dont think they'll even mail you x/h pipes from out of state here because of this new rule. And, i have to smog my car again this year, its every other year they test you. So, consider yourself very lucky not to have to deal with that annoyance.
  7. That's why I'll never live in CA.... too many f'n rules and the lefties have succeeded in expanding the state government to the point where they're broke...

    I'll take Minnesota's -20 wind chills and snow any day of the week over that bull chit.

    Can you be cited for an exhaust violation if you're driving in CA but are from another state? If I were to drive there would I still get a ticket for my exhaust despite having a MN license and plates?
  8. I would install 17-18 inch rims and put the stock hood back on. Then your car should be pleasant to look upon.

    It has the look of a car that went back in time to the eighties and adopted the styling of that found in the deepest back-woods country car owners. Mud flaps would be the next mod if you are going in that direction. But hopefully thats not the intended direction that you are going with the car. Otherwise go with 17-18 inch rims and stock hood and that should make it look good again to be honest.

    Just an opinion.
  9. honestly guys, i really dont care where you live, and handz just said somthing stupid, so i just said somthing stupid back. ive always gotten along with you two!

    the stock hood wont come close to fitting, and ill never go back to 17's

    you sound like another person who's never been to a race track, go to one one time, and tell me what you see.....
  10. There's definitely truth to the big wheel thing... I mean when I got my 18" FR500's w/ the DD rears it felt like I lost about 50 HP compared to the 17" stockers. I am sure the jump to 15" wheels is even more significant. However, I can sit and stare at my car all day because I love the look of my wheels.

    If I ever race my car it will be on a road course, I don't think I'll ever be a 1/4 mile guy. I mean I'd love to run it sometime at a 1/4 mile track, but I don't think that type of racing is for me and I definitely won't go to the track until I have at least 300 RWHP. Still saving my money for some MHS ported PI heads and some MHS cams...

    If I'm ever in FL 98, I'll definitely look you up. Would love to get a ride in your car and hear that thing scream all the way to its 7200 RPM redline :drool:
  11. Been there plenty times as well as racing my Foxes. I see folks with 17-18 inch (some bigger) front tires and a few with weld or drag lite rims in the rear on 15 inch rims for track function ONLY. When they drive away from the track, the 17-18 inch wheels are back on.

    But the deep woods country folk with the mud flaps and 8 kids piled in the back and in the trunk do drive away with the 15's on the rear though when they leave the track.

    Whatever your choice. But remember you posted a pic of your car on a public forum for comment so do not get all hurt feelings about things. Its just an opinion. If you like that look and mud flaps and mullets and stuff like that, then whatever.
  12. So are you suggesting that anyone that runs 15" drag wheels all the time is a redneck?


    I guess whoever owns this sick Camaro must be a redneck too...

    Oh and I don't recall 98 getting upset about other's opinions regarding his cars appearance. In fact:

    Seems like the only people getting upset are some of those that don't like the way his car looks. You're right it is a public forum, so don't get all hurt just because he posted pictures of his car that you happen to dislike.
  13. Damn i thought it was only me! I have a fox - but still. My brother and I both have fox's with similar exhaust mods only, his has stock ponys and mine DD 18" fr500's.... I can chirp 3rd in his car, in mine i can't even chirp 2nd!
  14. Yep, having 18's is like driving around with 3 passengers.. stupid physics :(...

    BTW, your car looks amazing with those wheels... good choice!
  15. so there are red neck cars too?


    license's plate beheind the shute



    they sure look red neck right? and all of them are on the street....
  16. that termi is the tits.
  17. IMHO fatties and skinnys are the best/ meanest looking wheel and tire combo you can put on a stang. Cobras car looks tits, before and now means serious bidness. The haters just can't stand the fact that cobras car would rape them in the 1320. The only other wheel and tire combo that I would run on my mustang is the 17 inch welds on the front and 15s in the rear, like blowngt has on his.
  18. that termi...... :drool:
  19. I didnt really say anything stupid.... Just said my opinion.

    If you didnt want people's opinions, you wouldnt be posting pics on a public forums.

    I just keep looking at the car in your sig, that used to be your car, and get a deep sad feeling inside like that car is dead and what replaced it was some Franken-stang thing.....

    Sorry, i am just still in denial that you did this to you car.