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  1. I would have to agree with SRT here, your car does look better in the sig. :hide:

    PS, I understand why you installed the hood.:hide:

    PPS, are you going to get a ton of HP installing that spacer?:hide::hide:
  2. I know, its nothing personal & the dude was out of line, but its nothing new with SRT Handz.... I've never had any issues with you at all & I respect what your car has turned out to be over the last couple of years, not to mention your excellent track times. I just think that Californians get bashed pretty hard on the net. I know our state is pretty f##ked up, but if you have ever been out here, you will see its a pretty cool place to be besides all the BS smog laws & F'd up economy...

    Anyhow, no hard feelings...:flag:
  3. i dont think this car is in anyway redneck just because it has a functioning cowl hood....the only way his car would look redneck is if he would have left the old hood on there and cut a hole in it and had the plenum sticking out of the hole...then it would be redneck

    trust me, i had to live in wv for 3 years...ive seen it all with those tards....this car is in no way redneck

    this however, IS redneck:

  4. You have an aero... if you like the way his looked so much then why dont you get dd silver fr500's and a 2 inch cobra r hood!

    I just keep looking at the car in your sig, and get a deep sad feeling that you talk garbage about other peoples cars, and you drive a nonpi mustang?

    Maybe not everyone wants to be stuck in the 13's like you!
  5. lmao
  6. Why do people go this route of saying such a thing. Is a NonPI Mustang any less in your eyes?
  7. The OP in this thread still has NPI heads.......
  8. :shrug:
  9. I know i helped him install the cams...

    Let me clarify Stock non pi heads!, yes stock non pi heads suck, and i look at them alot less.

    But ported NPI heads out flow ported PI heads any day of the week... just putting it out there that i know that in case any one else wants to try and make me sound stupid...
  10. fox1.jpg

    this car is quieter than most on here, goes 8.90's full interior, 3" cowl cut out for the spyder intake, and a decent system in it.. i used to see it almost everyday..
  11. You must be Blind because the O/P has NPI heads on his Stang.....

    Maybe you need to look over the differences between NPI and PI heads again....:rolleyes:
  12. The new wheels make your car look like it should run mid 10's... it looks MEAN. However, I think you need to work on backing up the looks. I say spray it HARD and put those stickys to good use. :D

    While your car is quick, it is still within the range of having a good 17" drag radial hooking hard all day long. I would have kept the larger wheel and tire combination with DRs and kept the sleeper look. Now, from the looks people will expect a lot more from your car, and ignore the accomplishments you've made naturally aspirated.
  13. i understand exectly what you mean, but these rim/tire combo knocked like 80+lbs off the car!.. and i was just tired of the fr500's.

    i know it doesent run anything near mid tens yet, but ive been thinking about starting to peice together a turbo kit for it, i would just swap out the gears, and keep the boost to like 7ish lbs for now, and start piecing together a better bottem end!

    but it will deff go 11's N/A before i seriously start looking for hair dryers!!!
  14. ^^ This right here. I love the way your car looks right now, and I loved it before as well, but it "looks" faster now. Now that can work for you or that can work against you.

    But I bet one thing: with all that saved rotational mass, you'll make that 11 second NA pass on NPI heads in the very near future. :nice:
  15. The Stang looks great either way.

    Here in Arkansas we take redneck comments as a compliment...........:nice:
  16. Wow so much hatred for street/strip cars when did this place turn into mustangworld?

    I never had anyone call my 2000 GT a backwoods redneck car or say it looked sad. It's one thing to say you don't like the look it's another to profile the person and throw insults at them.
  17. Just keep doing what your doing man. YOU are the one who owns the car, YOU are the one who drives the car, and YOU are the one who looks at the car regularly. So do what you want with the car. I personally love the race car look. I have a 99 gt also that in the build process of becoming my race car. It has a Skinny Kid Race Cars 6" extended cowl hood, and a Skinny Kid Race Car's aluminum struted wing. Like I said, I love the race car look :D
  18. post up soem pics of that red neck mustang!!!!:D
  19. can we make this a "stangnet" thing??

    RedNeck mustangs!!! :shrug:

    it'll be our little stangnet joke.